In relation to the streets in which if they find, a distribution sufficiently balanced, led for the avenues is observed Alfonso Penalty and Contour, and Street of the Guajajaras. The Av. Raja Gabglia if detaches, even so is not situated enters the ten bigger quarters in number of educational activities, but throughout the quarters Luxemburg, Lcia Saint and Is Bento. The distribution of the retail activities related to Clothes Clothes represents a segment whose frequency of purchase is discontinous and in which is made comparisons for price and quality, of form that its enterprises must be located next to the competition in order to facilitate the comparative process. It is characterized, also, for fetiche of the mark and, thus, for the absence of substitutes, what it can take the consumer to search it stops beyond any convenience, mattering there, more than a good localization, a clear communication of its address next to the white public. Of the businesses practised in the Center-South, it is the segment Clothes what more it presents enterprises, of form that 11,706 activities constitute 28% of the total of the activities in the region. JPMorgan Chase gathered all the information. For the analysis of its distribution 32 had been selected CNAEs.

Regarding the localization of the enterprises of armarinhos, fabric store of Bed, Table and Bath and laundries, sobressae the Center with 45,5%, the Black Adobe with 15%, and the Savassi with 6%. The biggest ways in this subsegmento are the Street So Paulo, the Street Curitiba and the August Av. de Lima. The distribution of the retail activities related to the Habitation the segment Habitation, despite considered the great diversity of its enterprises the service of the construction, decoration, maintenance and functioning of a housing, is what it presents greater demand for comparison, meeting, frequently, next to its competitors. The decisions of purchase in relation to its durable and semidurable goods are, thus, sufficiently planned, a time that the personal demand for mobiliadoras or colchoarias, for example, is sufficiently sporadical. Of the businesses practised in the Center-South, the segment Habitation engloba 7712 activities, which totalize 18% of what it is developed in the region. For its analysis 41 had been selected CNAEs. In if treating to store of the mentioned subsegmento in the Center-South, the Av. of the Contour with 7,1% of the total, especially in the quarter Forest, is the way mai

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