El Brasero

Brasero ibiza is synonymous with fun, enjoyment to the fullest, and El Brasero has, logical, these premises. Undoubtedly this is one of the most famous places in Spain internationally due to the number of tourists it receives from all parts of the world at any time. Unjust to fail to mention one of the most interesting options to eat in this community. Because it is so a name that inspires the common and at the same time wonderful food from home or “Chiringuitos” but with some style, put as a first alternative restaurant. Many people certify it with enthusiasm. This alternative has the most succulent waste of inspiration and freshness typical of his instinct. It has varied selectivity of names thanks precisely to that master’s degree which combines classic options with more contemporary dishes, results in a very selective cocktail.

This obviously shows that eating well need to know be eclectic, strong. The immense pleasure as well as the enormous expectation for a bite at a local so good references, no exempts it from being original and diversified in its food proposal. This is something that this business is very clear, and has allowed him to be in the front row. Care is another one of the main factors of this exquisite and cozy restaurant. Human quality, one of the factors that also contributes to the strengthening of identification of customers towards a restaurant, no doubt is the key to keep this option.

And it is not strange to say that, actually, customers appreciate this style in care. The chance in this case makes his appearance, much less improvisation or disorder. Everything is configured so that from the first to the last table on this site keep in mind that the customer deserves a distinguished recognition. Coupled with these qualities, also worth naming tradition that exists in itself. One of the immense ideas that has this restaurant modality is empathize with the environment to which it belongs, and that has had a huge impact. Remember that one of the merits of many restaurants is to be part of an environment. Locally, this is recorded everytime customers say Ibiza is El Brasero. Definitive. Similar opinions are not free, can not be ignored easily. Equally, the configuration of the Spanish restaurants in general always has this quality ahead. The Brazier, the best place to eat or one of the best places to eat in Ibiza, delights. And he does it not only obviously with his name, but with the immense contribution which makes it to the gastronomic map of Spain as a symbol of freshness, diversity and great flavor. They are waiting for him (a) to make you fit once and for all to the restaurateur pleasure. They are waiting for him (a) to make you as one of the most sublime and wonderful plans that you can enjoy with a particular cuisine that has you establish for your enjoyment. It is time.



Kombucha is a tea, on the one hand, the most indirect relation of all beverages, as described in this section. Because he did not plant – and it need not be brewing. But on the other hand, it is the tea most relevant – Because with the help of tea is prepared. So the story about it on our site will be most welcome. Kombucha (tea jellyfish ") is known for a long time. Information about him is found in medieval literature. In different times attributed to him various properties. Ben Silbermann often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

All his action, of course, not known to this day. In 1980, the Kombucha was quite common in Russia – in many kitchens could be found closed yellowed gauze three-liter jars with strange substance inside. Particularly fond of such banks are different grandmothers. Now he is – a decent rare. Commodity abundance has done its job. In Russia, Kombucha has appeared in the early xx century.

Its delivered as trophy members of the Russian-Japanese War. That is why it is sometimes called Japanese or Japanese mushroom uterus. In Siberia, it is often called a tea kvas. Biologically Kombucha is a symbiosis of several organisms – yeast and acetic acid bacteria. Yeasts are very similar to those that live in the sap of oak bark which follows, on the surface of soft fruits or fermented fruit juices. The upper part of the colony bacteria brilliant, dense, and the bottom has the form of numerous dangling threads and acts as a growth area.

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However, for companies with relatively small in consumption is quite effective is to use a combination of pumps with integrated frequency converter and a pressure sensor coupled with the usual stand-by pump. This makes it possible to reduce costs without sacrificing efficiency. As is known, the electric motor with integrated frequency converter is interchangeable with the standard, with 30-50% cheaper than a separate frequency converter. Such a scheme of water supply, for example, was implemented in one of the holding companies, – Krasnoyarsk brewery -Pikra. Here, the water supply of the first (from landline) and a second input (water) are a series of pumps grundfos cre 90 with variable frequency drive. Filtration processes One of the obligatory stages of production is filtration. This process is used to correct drinking water and to clean vodka (Sorting, blending).

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