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Obtained by the applicant as security documents to protect the appearance of industrial products (Design patent) and the subject product design (Certificate for utility model). Comparison of the essential features of the design and utility model held for the following reasons. Firstly, the buyer, usually assesses the external trade dress, as well as its functional value. Therefore, a developer on the stage of creating the design documentation is important to provide a product advanced technical solutions, which improve the properties of both industrial design and utility model. Second, unfortunately, in the Patent Act EFR does not provide for conversion of industrial design application in the application for utility model and vice versa. This fact can not avoid cases of loss of national priority and a more flexible patent policy in the economic development of industrial Enterprises P F. It should not be forgotten that in some cases, foreign legislation on industrial designs is moving closer to patent law in respect of legal action – declared the registration of technical making, issuing security documents, maintaining them in force and the cessation of their actions. For example, in countries where patent law provides protection for utility models, possibly transform application industrial design in the application for utility model and vice versa. The criterion in such cases is the following provision: "If industrial product is more useful purpose than decoration, it can be protected as invention or utility model '(1). In general, the protection of industrial products like industrial design patent and utility model certificate can prevent plagiarism, and the coincidence with sufficient similarity. Patent Attorney Chelyabinsk CSTI Skripkina NK

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On sale at all unusual objects: the production of moldings (500,000 USD) in the Crimea and manufacture of plastic broom (10,000 USD) in Nikolaev. We continue to consolidate information on all tank farms for sale in Ukraine. So in recent months to the existing 20 added 4 more tank farms. Now We offer potential customers 24 oil depots all over Ukraine – new and old, active and laid-like independent objects, and in a complex oil refinery, gas stations, etc. For the first time in our practice for sale in Kiev there is such an interesting object, as a showroom. What used to be such objects are not offered for sale, says only that the dealers are not so many, even in time of crisis, this kind of business makes a profit. Temporary only reduced the decline in sales revenue owners car dealers, forced them to be optimized, but does not do this kind of business is unprofitable.

As for the best-selling book on the market businesses, car washes, you would like to note that in this segment prices are going down at all – for car washing services, for rental and purchase of car washes. The fact is that in the first months of the crisis on this market, the main victims was the tenant. Gross revenue has decreased considerably, but Car wash owners are not particularly slow to lower rental rates for tenants. As a result, many tenants have suffered: those who had worked for a time with zero profit, someone – with a minimum, someone has suffered ubitki. A considerable part of the tenants carwash systems has been forced to withdraw from the business in connection with such an imbalance of the market: in fact in 2008 some of the car rented for 1500 $ one post a month! Now, of course as such rents are no longer (a few owners can afford the "luxury"). Car washes shall be an average of 600-1000 USD for one post. We continue to invite you to our area businesses. Contact us, from us you can expect professionalism, experience and low prices for services. 11.01.11, investmoney.ua

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