The baby Birthday! Parents long before this wonderful holiday is in agitation. They need to decide how and where to arrange a beloved child of a good holiday. One important consideration is the atmosphere in the room where happen event. Talented mom and dad bought in advance and beads decorate the room with three things in different places, or even easier and more original than throw them on the floor. Then you can buy garlands, on which large letters written "Happy Birthday".

This simple design options for accommodation, but there is even more unusual examples. Many parents collect artwork your child and do for guests of the exhibition, placing an image in every frame or forming on the wall composition. Or hang out in the same way pictures from birth to the present day and sign them funny sayings. This option is suitable for a family newspaper walls. But decoration fortunately not the only concern of parents. The holiday table is not without a delicious feast, but do not load the children's table with heavy meals, because of what he saw in children table screwed tears.

They want something easy and sweet. Excellent are beautifully cut fruit, cookies, candy, small sandwiches, canapes, fruit juice, mineral water. Children are not adults who like to sit at the table and pretty to eat, they want an active holiday. And it is time for young guests screamed and ran from room to room, the adults talking in unison about their business at the holiday table. Here is the whole secret, adults, the public can benefit from culturally and to celebrate any holiday, but children need an organizer. So many parents are invited to a feast of a clown. This fabulous hero for the evening will be entertained, and watch out for children, allowing adults to sit quietly. Gay Leading organize leisure activities for children of all ages with fun, exciting contests, akvagrima, balls. In the final, beautifully and movingly make a cake with candles. And the festival will be remembered unforgettable tale!

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