The creation of mutual funds throughout its history and thanks to the great reception that have had today, has allowed these specialize in various areas that will allow participants (shareholders or investors) a more profitable income without the need for major financial or economic movements. Nowadays the use of mutual funds is one of the most common financial activities, since these have large rates of return in a short time, it is good to mention that the above is specifically based on a type of fund specific; However the profitability and participation obtained in this type of action that mutual funds have a big attraction especially for people interested in both national and international investment. Thanks to the great participation that have mutual funds currently in economic and financial processes of a person, region or country these can be catalogued in different types since each of them gives investors various qualities according to the applied area of investment; some of these types of mutual funds: mutual funds from equities or shares: these are funds specialized in obtaining large income (profitability) in periods of time relatively short making it an excellent way to get excellent economic returns; However it is very important to mention the consideration for this type of Fund, because the risk also plays an important role, because these are funds exposed to continued change in the value of shares, providing the investor the possibility of doubling your income quickly or lose it almost in its entirety. Fixed income funds: these are funds specialized in obtaining economic yields to medium or long periods of time due to the fact that the investments of these funds are safer than equities investments, since they only invest in markets of constant growth and slow somewhat. The main advantage that has this type of investment is safety performance is almost fixed, however is not comparable with the yields obtained short-term variable income fund.

Mixed mutual fund (fixed and variable income): they are investments which are made taking into account the risk and profitability that can be either a fixed or variable income however in this Fund is more cautious to decreasing the risk of loss without reducing profitability can be obtained, therefore the risk is very limitedTherefore the profitability is also limited. It is important to mention that this is possibly the most used investment mode currently thanks to profitability and decreasing variable risk that offers investors. Given the above is shown that mutual funds are an excellent way to invest our capital, either to increase it in short or long term; Therefore most advisable before making an investment is to go where someone specializing in the field, with the purpose that this person can advise us correctly to obtain better cost-effectiveness in the desired investment..

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