I prefer, I wish, pray, hope and try (from my position of granite or droplet in the immensity), able to see it, enlarge it and leave it for the following generations of another totally differently to what we can see today; more affordable, sustainable, balanced and fair for all. Rather, I would like to see a large field of freed at peace and happy, hopeful, solidarizados, United and aware global. Do we really believe we really greener, more liberated and revolutionaries? Will not we be perhaps more denatured?How many men, women, children, villages and entire cultures, more fauna, flora and its corresponding complete ecosystems. How many more must continue paying and suffering a very high price for his boldness of wanting to live in peace and harmony with its people and environment?. Why continue supporting and helping that this despotic and self-destructive current system continue maintaining and expanding, by all corners of the planet, from the nearest city? large and modern to the small and ancient ricon of our world? why are still promoting and pushing this globlal martyrdom? Why many Governments are still erroneously determined that to be more authentic, rich, happy and developed have to continue building more walls and barriers?; whose basic function is to separate the universal links of nature and human solidarity, separating peoples and species, breaking and altering fast and constantly cycles and rhythms of life. We are turning (with the inextimable help of false beliefs and myths, industries and Sciences, institutions and Governments) a planet unique and special (for now) in a gigantic jumble withered and quasi inert, in a giant, sterile and desert wasteland; extinguisher from his species, desforestador, despoblador, deshumanizador and desnaturalizador, selective and progressively.

Do we don’t realize that we devastamos, desolamos, and destroy continuously and at times?. If just for that road, There will be many possibilities to make much of the planet in the great global refugee camp (the great field of human waste, animal, plant, both organic and inorganic); It would be the dream and the ideal of a minority, and misery, perdition and nightmare of the vast majority. Even have already made their calculations; since they estimate by 20 or 30 years more, they need about 500 million refugees on the planet (whether by scarcity, droughts, famines, wars, weather, etc.). You choose, you see it or not, you understand it or not, you want it or not, the final decision is always yours, it is simple, direct and possible, do want to be a slave, or want to be free?. Or is it that we want to continue holding, pushing and perpetuating the highest pace of life, exploitation and waste of a few, at the expense of the efforts and the lives of the rest.

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Reflection of the Pertaining to school Management What it is pertaining to school management? It is a dimension, an performance approach, a way and not an end in itself exactly, a time that the final objective of the management is the learning accomplishes and significant. Definition: freedom to learn and to teach, respecting the plurality of models and methods. Interaction: if it does not have interaction, does not have interpersonal relationship. Interaction is the situation where the behavior of a person influences in the behavior of another one. Bilateral and reciprocal. Empatia: it is the capacity of somebody to place themselves in the place of the other, to perceive its problems, difficulties and joys.

It is also a canal opened for the communication. Flexibility: it is the capacity to accept the point of view of the others, to adapt ace changes, to modify or to modify its proper plans of work. It has an objective intention for use of these definitions, that forms the tripod of the basement of the management of people and propitiates solutions of interpersonal conflicts. We know that the function of educational manager is dived in an ocean of burocracias where a well high percentage of managers does not search to develop abilities for practises of management of people. It can if it used arguments of the daily pertaining to school to display the responsibility level that must be assumed by the educational managers. Seeing that the school today to come across itself with a new well different reality of some decades behind. The use of new technologies, intervention politics, the inversion of values, the fall of the pertaining to school autonomy, and the necessity of constant intellectual update of the professionals of the education, is crucial points that the manager must search to develop abilities and abilities to construct strategies to lead in coherent and harmonic way with its team.

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We talked about the economy, economic policy, argued together with her until the second hour of the night. In this parallel switched the conversation to children (my child her food in the tube periodically), the common approaches to successful completion of the exam and an excellent defense of the diploma. After listening to some of my advice about what to do, if you do not know the answer to a further question, at what rate to say that dress, smiling or not, and suddenly I t.d.Olga said Alexander, but in fact you would be able to read lectures on this topic … Or a book write this. A lot of useful information.

I laughed and then thought. Put forth that if her gosom everything will be “excellent”, it will come back to this idea. Registration was to “cheers”, Olga I phoned immediately after the defense. Then, as well a diploma. I was never-ending in June, and then pressed for time in July – semiannual reporting for my company. However, the idea is easily thrown by Olga in the second hour of the night on the fertile soil of gray matter evolved. In mid-August (a little rested in the hot Egyptian sun), I found that books and lectures is of course great, “cool”, but the student needs a short and concise principles, step by step guide to action, so to speak to him at the right time and right place. As a result, I have the same breath he wrote four (currently) of such guidance in the form of brief but very clear pomace, which as a result of training after writing all of my clients get for their money (and got my diploma and kursoviki at MSU, where I still worked there, but, of course, free).

Here are the guidelines for action: 1. How to write a term paper on “excellent”, 2. How to write a thesis on “excellent” 3. Write a speech for the defense; 4. The rules of survival on the protection of your work, I initially wanted to simply place on your site for free. My very good friend and part-time co-founder of my company (letters Vie – in the name of LLC “AnSVi” – is on its behalf) to learn about it, cursed me umm bad words. I argued with her, for what was already cursed unprintable words. As I anxiously I love Victoria, and took with it not only fire and water, but the third act of the ballet Marlezonskogo (specify, we’re just good friends), I listened to her request and agreed with its arguments. All of these guidelines for action is now my dostupnyna saytetolko after a payment (close to the symbolic). Victoria told me the most intelligent words (except for bad and unprintable), which allowed to look at the situation from another angle: Freebie-not appreciated. Consider this a powerful argument, I agreed. That is probably the whole story. It remains to add that sometimes in life, “Literary Blacks” appears inspiration and meaning.

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Akin to the concept of world civilization category – socio-economic system, until recently, generally accepted in the scientific works and textbooks, and is used to describe large, objectively conditioned stages in the development of society. Why has it taken to abandon the familiar category, replacing it with a new concept, but still used in such different ways? First, the desire to get rid of the rough sociology and determinism, the primacy of material over the spiritual, which form the basis of the concept of socio-economic structure. Our approach is based on the primacy of man's needs, knowledge, skills, culture, ideology – All the things that is often referred to generalize the word social consciousness and what distinguishes man from the rest of the world. Certainly, man can not tear myself away from the outside world, the development of productive forces (The main element of which is man and his needs and abilities, knowledge and ability, desire and the will) is one of the determinants of historical progress – along with the dynamics of the spiritual world. Secondly, the rigid five-member schema change of socio-economic formations essentially anti-historical. She tried to lay a complex and contradictory historical rate of progress, differing identities in the lives of different countries and peoples, the Procrustean bed of a dogmatic scheme. At the same time the beginning of history – primitive communal formations – turned out indefinitely extended, ignored qualitatively different stages in the prehistory and the first stages of human history, the latter formation – Communist – meant, in essence, end of story, it eliminated the contradiction as a major driving force of historical progress.

Like the Christian heaven, it would have been infinitely monotonous, dull company, although science fiction writers and tries to highlight the tragedy of knowledge and exploration of unknown ("Andromeda" Ivan Efremov). Life has denied this great utopia the ideals of communism, suffered a heavy defeat at the end of XX century. (Although they will be reborn again in the Modification form, as desire for full equality and abundance continues to hold and play). The concept of change world civilizations clearly delineates the beginning of the historical process, leading the countdown to the history of the Neolithic Revolution and preceding the transition period – Mesolithic, offers more than a fraction compared to Marxist scheme of division of the major stages of history and, most importantly, proceeds from the fact that the rhythm of change of civilizations, the inherent dynamics and conflicts continue in the future – as long as there will be a human Society (and his days are numbered until, although a large space, environmental or nuclear catastrophe can abruptly stop the historical process or discard the humanity in a few cycles ago). A similar approach to the periodization of history, holds IM Deacons. Counting them is a historical time from the appearance of modern humans, Homo Sapiens, but not with the Neolithic revolution (or added to the first stage of a major story – Almost thirty thousand) it is not of civilizations, and the phases of the historical process (which can be understood as. life cycle phases of humanity) there are differences in understanding the timing and content of individual phases and the world civilizations. This approach is justified, but it does not preclude the approach set out in this tutorial. Future studies and experience will help determine who is right and will probably be found a third, more convincing explanation of the logic and periodization of historical progress.

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English language training of children should begin, perhaps, from the preparatory phase. Its meaning lies in the fact that a child with a teacher or a parent learns to control the sounds he utters itself. Usually because there is little heed is paid to the pronunciation of sounds. If the problem is the pronunciation of sounds rising sharply, usually parents turn to the speech therapist, who teaches the child to distinguish individual sounds and to pronounce from correctly. Learning English children, of course, should be designed naformirovanie correct pronunciation of foreign words a child. English tutor for children in vremyazanyaty tries say as many foreign words, and the child will be for him to repeat them here, of course, already at the early, preparatory stage, the teacher should teach children to pronounce correctly all sounds which occur to him in studying foreign words.

It is also important to teach children to control their breath, watch it. English language training children in the next phase aims to teach children to distinguish between vowels and consonants in words, both Russian and English speech. English tutor for children also shows that in Russian and English speech is the same sounds, vowels and consonants, and there are sounds that are pronounced similarly. It is very important in this time to teach a child to hear the differences between similar sounds of native and foreign speech. English tutor for children shows how to pronounce those sounds of English speech, which in Russian can not be found altogether. It is important that the child was able to correctly perceive hearing different sounds, and distinguish them alone reproduce them. Thus lays the foundations of correct pronunciation of foreign language.

Teaching English language children must include a minimum of theory. When a child learns to pronounce the foreign sounds good, you can move gradually to learning reading skills. But before better enable the child to learn a little set of English words, such as a series of nouns (names of toys and surroundings), from up to ten names of simple steps. Please note that English language training of children should begin with the words, simple to write, so it will be easier to go to the teaching of reading in a foreign language. English language training of children by parents may occur "between times" when you're playing with a child, doing household chores, walk or cook meals. In such an immediate atmosphere of knowledge is often much easier to digest because they are immediately put into practice. English tutor for children may also be to change the situation and improve effectiveness of training to go to a lesson on the street with a student, or play a simple game. It is important not to forget this, because such classes are usually of short duration, hence, will not cause your child tired and bored. Be sure to mark all the luck and the achievement of the child, praise them, it will be for him a great incentive for these activities and successes. Continuation of the article …

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