Today, and for quite some time, most multinational companies do market research, in order to learn more about their consumers or to launch a new product. Deputy Finance Minister does not necessarily agree. If a company does not conduct a market research would be like a skydiver jumping without a parachute. One of the more traditional methods of doing this kind of survey research is to dare, in which the consumer or user answers some questions related to the product. Previously, in many cases at present surveys were done in person and the interviewer had to search among many people who would like to do the survey and in return receive a gift that in many cases could be a small sum of money. Today with the advancement of technology these surveys can dare to answer the same consumer Internet and can volunteer to answer a survey when the fence company to do some market research.

Here are several programs in which one can join and receive notification when a survey this one available to answer it and get some money for taking the time to answer. You get surveys according to the profile that we have written, say if you play tennis, it is unlikely to receive surveys related golf products. One of the advantages of this system is that you can answer several surveys of different companies and in the comfort of your home. One thing that I want to emphasize is that definitely can not live in the practice, but if we could get a few extra dollars that would certainly help our personal finances.