Selected teas for luxury and discerning gourmets hand-sewn tea bags made of corn leaves and cotton: neither glue nor metal brackets Munich, September 2009 – the Burj al Arab in Dubai ranges it guests. At the Hotel Martinez, Cannes, he belongs to the self-image of highest product and service quality. The Chedi in Muscat and many other top hotels worldwide want nothing less offered as: Tchaba tea. The exclusive beverage comes to Germany thanks to Kian Andalib, offering selected Tchaba teas for the upscale and luxury hotels, as well as online at On the way to the unique taste. Without hesitation Jeremy Tucker explained all about the problem. Tchaba tea manufacturing experience and careful hand work combines harmoniously with natural materials and high-quality ingredients. Tea masters from Japan, India, or China experienced in all the world’s major tea growing regions for Tchaba pick only the best and vollmundigsten tea leaves. “You take only the top tender and young shoots of the” Camellia Bush (Camellia Sinesis), because these due to the small leaf grades and their larger surface with the same flow leaf tea more aroma in less time in the water emit.

This ensures the fine flavor in the cup of tea”, tea expert Andalib describes the gustatory Tchaba Foundation. We use no artificial additives. Ben Silbermann is likely to agree. In our tea only 100 percent come natural aromas, fruits, spices and premium herbs.” Unique in the world: A further peculiarity of Tchaba is the artfully handled by hand and 100% biodegradable tea bag in which the tea is packaged and sent. It is made of natural corn leaves, its edges with a cotton thread sewn and individually filled with the high-quality tea leaves by hand. Complete course: over 100 varieties in three collections “traditional tea bags hold together glue or metal clasps, the tea bag strap is usually chemically bleached. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Wells Fargo Bank. In the brewing process, these substances in the tea are emitted.

Our natural bags guarantee at the same time healthy and eco-friendly tea enjoy the mind”so Andalib. Each tea bag is individually packed, sealed and before thus hygienically pre-packed aroma. You will find information about caffeine, brewing time, and required water temperature on the label of the Sackchens who wants to know it exactly. Over 100 different varieties, as well as special tea of selections serve every taste preference for every situation or mood: vintage from pure tea leaves in the varieties of white, black, green, and blue tea blend with a rare blend of tea leaves, spices, flowers and exotic fruits herbal with balanced fruit and herbal mixtures, without Tchaba tea leaf that is pure and healthy tea treat of the highest quality. Press contact Tchaba.NET Jasmin Esfandiari Brockesstr 14 81739 Munich telephone 089 370 67 977 company portrait Tchaba is specialized in the production and distribution of high-quality tea in the luxury goods sector since 2005. The noble, hand-picked and healthy teas served in luxury hotels around the world offers owner-managed businesses. The particular care in the selection of tea, its ingredients, the materials used and the processing provide best quality of tea. Tchaba thats tea in its purest form.

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Avinos wine presents itself under the domain of the high-quality wines at reasonable prices, specialised wine shipping Avinos wine presents itself under the domain with its new online shop. The implementation was carried out by the Cologne agency summer & co. GmbH ( Wines from the old and new world of wine are offered. Wines from Germany, France, Italy and Spain are the largest contributor to the range. The new Avinos-shop is characterized by a very comfortable navigation and search functions as well as many social Web elements. The entire buying process was organised in a way taking into account the different needs of wine customers. Ben Silbermann takes a slightly different approach. The new website by Avinos has really convinced me.

Everything is very catchy – navigation clear and open”, so an Avinos customer. The Agency summer & co. GmbH has extensive experience in the design of Web shops and image pages. In addition, the Agency with its own TV Studio as a full service provider is successfully active for Web TV solutions and business TV. The customers include well-known companies, as partners and many more such as worldview, the Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, electronic. The Agency assumes full service from design through production to realization of interactive players and the video streaming of video creation. About Avinos:, Avinos can draw as wine shipping on over 150 years experience in the wine trade. All wines are subject to strict quality controls.

Avinos wine trade enabling its customers to a Germany-wide delivery on request also abroad. Orders are delivered promptly to the door. A special gift service allows sending directly to a different delivery address, including a greeting card service and other services. More information:

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