In these days in which I write this article (we are at the beginning of October 2010), we are talking about much the launch of a new product that will revolutionize blogging concepts, advertising and profit by Internet. I am referring to what many consider to be the scam of robot DROID 3. And is that when someone (in this case comes from Eric Collins and his partner Walter) brings to the market a product so innovative and spectacular as this robot DROID 3, there are many skeptics that the first thing they think is that this is a new scam. Not just the skeptics, but also the envious and, logically, the owners of competing products. As well, I have been one of the lucky few who have been able to acquire this wonder of robot in his latest release and I already started to try it and see how it works.

I say few and say latest release because its creator is following the policy to selling only a limited amount of units and a few days later back to get another small amount, because you don’t want to the number of users grow inordinately and block all of your servers. In terms of the tests that I have done, in the 5 days that I have it, I created 6 blogs, each of them in less than a minute (well, prior selection of keywords certainly requires enough study and time on my part, but what is creating the blog to the DROID 3 has taken him less than a minute). And what type of blogs has created my DROID 3?. Because a few blogs WordPress super optimized, with more than 60 plugins, an eye-catching template, and is adding unique and quality content daily, with photos, videos and advertising from Adsense, Amazon affiliate programs of your choice, and one myriad of content. The links in this article are going to take to my personal Blog (this DROID 3 has not done so, and it shows), where I’m talking about a little more than him and yes there you have links to any of these blogs that has built the robot. I would that you visited them and give me your opinion. Ultimately, for me, DROID 3 is not no scam, makes very well his work, I am very satisfied with what I have seen so far (and according to its creator, this is just the beginning, because continuously pues continuamente esta it is improving and expanding the capabilities of this automaton) and now I’ll tell you later how went me my business on the Internet with your help. Tell you, finally, through my website you can get in touch with me and from there I can ayudarteen everything you need and resolve your doubts and concerns. Receive a warm greeting from Cartagena, Spain.

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