-We have a list of people who were aware and could give us their data, but many of them were badly wounded and was more urgent transfer that do a check of the names.Others were unconscious and of course we could not control their identity, so I anticipate him that the list is quite incomplete. Please give me your name. You are quite well is conscious and apparently, so we cannot lose time in taking their data – very kindly told the officer. -My name is Tatiana Hoffman, but first be secured in that list which spake unto me please-can do it, please, your name is Sebastian Hoffman-the man look in detail at the list but it didn’t find that Tati was looking for. -I repeat you miss, sorry, Madam, do not have the name of all the people who have been brought to the hospital–I will not leave here without knowing where it is – she said with determination Tati. -Wait a moment, ask my partner if he knows anything. How was going dress?-asked the officer.

-With a short and a Navy Blue t-shirt – Tati replied with much anxiety. Turned to his companion and Turkish explained to him that I had a lady who was apparently fine, but which should derive it to hospital as the hotel rules demanded it and she didn’t want to go but was her first husband-is a very young woman. It looks terribly scared. He does not speak our language.What you think – asked his companion – if I tell you that you have on your list and that it was referred to the hospital. I think that it will be the only way to get that does not oppose their transfer-. -I think a good idea. You acompanare to certify your Word. How is your husband called?

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