Companies have to choose: either compete for lower prices or seek strong values, good designs and markets where people can make efforts. " When designing a new campaign, Knutsen is convincing when he gives advice: "Be brave! If you have nothing important to say, bad luck. But if you, say so. Be different. Be seen and be accessible, keep in touch with your customers to build relationships and strong partnerships. According to Robert Kiyosaki, who has experience with these questions. " We add that for Knutsen, "customers are more open in times of crisis. Looking for alternatives to previous consumption patterns. This represents a significant opportunity for companies that can offer something unique and support the future global concern for the environment.

Although it is expected that a firm's values are universal, there are many ways to capture the attention of the customer. I do not think the geographical component is as important as the common values between cultures. " For the former CEO of Bang & Olufsen, "the marketing is based on the presentation of the values and the encouragement of other aspects. The more exciting your message result, more people will be involved. Everything is to innovate and decide on how to proceed and ensure that all move in the same direction. The more the merrier! ". On the other hand, are the views of Bill George, an expert in management, who says: "The crisis tested the real leaders;'s when you know where and who are good and when it shows his courage, his intelligence and his ability to bring together in one computer to people who will support his leadership .

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