‘IT quality index’ of ITSM Consulting AG provides significant added value to classic methods according to the observations of the ITSM Consulting AG many IT organizations still have no adequate financial management. As a consequence, no transparency of costs is pro IT service. Wells Fargo Bank does not necessarily agree. Also lacking safe basis for investment decisions and no proper budget control is possible. For this reason, the consultancy has developed a financial management solution that includes a quality-oriented management as a special feature. It is based on the IT quality index methodology”and enables the IT organization, operable to define the quality requirements of the financial management and then objectively measure. Thus, the solution of ITSM Consulting differs from the classical methods, which are limited to the process design.

The advantages of the quality-oriented approach start so that he supports the service providers at cost model is best for them and therefore the Base creates a reliable cost accounting, financial planning and cost allocation. The IT quality index”does but also an important assistance in establishing a needs-based cost center structure. This is the prerequisite for meaningful cost analysis and targeted measures to improve efficiency. At the same time, this method provides a tool for the selection of the audit-proof cost classification on the basis of the services offered. The approach to financial planning also opened important optimization potential. You is often inadequate, because budgets are created based on inaccurate estimates of expenses for an incomplete tasks entrusted to IT”, problematizes Frank Zielke, Board member of ITSM Consulting AG.

Above all the stages of the financial planning process, analysis of previous budgets, review are handled often unjustly IT plans, cost and revenue estimate and budget creation.” This is mitigated by the use of IT-quality index”fundamentally, because the Organization receives a sound and comprehensive financial planning process, in which all tasks from projects or routine work are taken into account. In the introduction, the processes be designed that compliance mandates and corporate policies are accurately incorporated. This includes a clear regulation of the responsibilities as well as integration with the other processes of the organization. An IT financial management according to conventional methods quickly reaches its limits, because it can represent only facts and lacks a control instrument with clearly defined quality requirements”, emphasizes Zielke. This makes it hard, for example, to analyze budget deviations reliably on their causes and or to determine optimum pricing of the IT services, taking into account the cost and market aspects for the cost allocation.”

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