Nowadays wooden construction is very popular, because wooden houses are of great benefit to man. Wooden house – it's a wonderful smell of wood, eco-friendliness and harmony with nature, the ability to sleep and feel cheerful, creating comfort and a great climate, health promotion. Another great and important advantage of a tree house – a small heating costs in winter cabin heats up quickly and holds heat and keeps cool in summer and dry by controlling the humidity level. To date, the most widely used wood houses made of logs. Round logs – this is modern and technologically advanced material that provides the construction of cottages, dach and other buildings in the short term. Round log is a log the same diameter throughout the length and impregnated with protective structures that protect it from mold and mildew, while increasing the fire resistance of the material. (Source: Robert Kiyosaki). What are the advantages of logs? First of all, that the wooden houses of logs have the highest build quality rims, than the structure of raw logs. Wooden houses from logs that failed cylindering, often require the construction of accomplishment preparatory work on fitting the logs together.

And when the log otsilindovano, it can be accurately laid in a series of the same timber. Carpenter does not need to look for and eliminate accidental gaps, to remove burrs. These wooden houses are 'turnkey' are very popular with gardeners and anyone who wants to live outside the city, because of the excellent quality of build log cabins, as well as affordable. Wooden houses from logs are easy to build and much more visual appeal than the wooden cabins of logs, are not subjected to preliminary cylindering. Cottages look out cylindering neatly and beautifully, construction of wooden houses from these logs will save on materials processing, tailoring them to fit and significantly reduces construction time. Cottages of logs are beautiful, filled with the smell of wood and comfortable. It is important to add that in the log cabins made of logs almost no chemical constituents except for special impregnation, which makes a pleasant home to stay.

In contrast to the stone houses, houses made of logs quickly heat up, and do not contain moisture. Projects of cottages from logs aesthetically flawless, natural properties of wood allow you to carry out any ideas designers. The construction of houses made of logs allows you to omit steps outside and interior trim, which greatly reduces costs, while maintaining excellent appearance. Real wood – it's trendy and stylish trend all seasons. By automating the production price of logs is much lower than many other materials, which makes the construction of houses made of logs very profitable!

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