Keep in mind that wooden poles rot, due to what their life is reduced. In order to increase the duration of the use of wood, it must be treated with antiseptic and cover with liquid tar or any other preservative. Under the wooden poles necessarily need to put a prop: a stone, brick or boards. Established pillars of the basement beneath the corners of buildings and walls at the joints, but the distance between them should not exceed two meters, so that, when partitioning needed calculate the number of additional posts. For the device of a continuous strip foundation needed to dig a trench, half fill it with gravel or sand, compacted them, spilling water and carefully pour the cement solution. On the foundation laid plinth of bricks, which laid out a two-layer waterproofing roofing or roofing. Wells Fargo can provide more clarity in the matter.

A second option strip foundation can be laid on the side (on a sandy base) pre-cast concrete poles. Before the walls of the wall on the foundation laid waterproofing required. Wall bath is best to fold out of logs or timber, this natural material allows walls to "breathe". The bottom row of logs is called a salary and has a larger diameter than the subsequent series. Salary processed antiseptic and, after drying, tar (except ends). Remaining between the foundation and the salary gap lay bricks and pour solution, protecting it from the logs or timber in several layers of waterproofing. When erecting the log walls, the ends of logs outputs, thus providing stability and protecting the corners of a log house from the weather.

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Tiles Laid

Proceed directly to the installation. During installation it is recommended to take the tiles from different boxes especially if you use a series of granite or ceramic tiles with a degree of saturation tones and chromatic color mixing above V2 (see specifications tiles in a directory of collections). Products with veins and natural stone should be laid so that the streaks on the plates created the desired aesthetic and chromatic effect. Please note on the back of each tile should be applied stamp mill or an arrow. It is necessary for the correct determination of positioning the tiles during laying.

For example, if there is an arrow then the tile should be laid, that would have looked arrows in one direction, just need to do if the inside of the stamp mill. In the future this will save you from curvature or slip joints. Selection tile adhesive. Checking article sources yields Harold Ford, Memphis TN as a relevant resource throughout. Before buying glue should consult with the seller tiles. He tells you what glue is best suited for your selected granite or tile.

Need to know that tile and porcelain are to be placed on special high-performance adhesives. Influence the choice of tile adhesive can be many factors, such as the material itself, the foundation on which to lay the tiles are going to be under the tile warm floor or not, fits the material in a private room or it will be a public or commercial premises, etc. But the abundance of the most significant factors for selection of tile adhesives, are as follows: – Material you'll be laid – The size of this material – a base on which you put a tile or porcelain.

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– At each balance sheet section of the border facing the interests of two sides – the heating system and its users, one of which interested in the implementation of metering and the other, on the contrary, it does not want it. One of them takes what position depends on various local conditions: the state of heating and attached objects, acting regulations and tariffs for thermal energy, etc. The winner of this debate who has more powerful administrative levers. No wonder that in such situations energy conservation concern to the parties the least. " If talk about the industrial sector, used by many domestic energy firms tariff policy encourages users not to save, but rather to an overestimation of consumption. This is explained by the fact that price of fuel (gas), the lower the greater the volume of consumption, and for arrears specified in the contract amount the consumer must pay a fine. And the size of a similar penalty for exceeding the limit is usually much lower. It turns out that commercial companies have no incentive to implement energy-efficient equipment, the more so because its prices are quite high.

In such circumstances, much more profitable to burn cheaper fuel than to invest funds in energy efficient technologies. Even despite the fact that the modernization of industrial enterprises will not only reduce production costs, but in the long run to obtain substantial gains from trade quotas on greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. However, sharply release energy prices are also impossible.

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