The project was reduced in 2 times during calculation of the rent and create documents that accompany the rental activity, 15% decreased receivables tenants. For even more details, read what Rick Dad, Poor Dad says on the issue. The company 'Stroiservice' offers services for the construction and lease. The organization has extensive experience in all major segments of the market rent of residential and commercial real estate. The company worked for many years on the market, Voronezh area. At the time of implementation of the software product "BIT: 8 Accounting for Leases," the company used the system on a platform of "1C: Enterprise 8", but the organization lacked the specialized system for accounting operations accompanying rental activity. In connection with the development of the company and increasing the amount of work needed leadership to the firm Inventory of the lease, reducing the time calculation of the rent with the area and the turnover, operating settlements with property owners, instantly informed of free and occupied areas. After analyzing the roar of IT-products the company has selected a software product "BIT: 8 Accounting for Leases", as the decision is easy integrated in a typical configuration of "1C: Enterprise 8" and has the necessary functionality. Specialists "1C: Accounting and Trade" (ICE) installed, configured, and trained personnel of the company 'Stroiservice'.

The introduction of the product "BIT: Accounting for Leases 8" to 2 jobs were performed in ICU staff during the week. Automation enabled: The 15% reduction in accounts receivable from tenants prompt delivery of information. At 2 times to reduce the time calculation of the rent and create documents that accompany the rental activity. Instantly receive information about free and occupied areas, thus improving customer service. Ensuring the accuracy of the calculation, which does not require additional verification.

Anna A. Gridnev, chief accountant of the company "Stroiservice" tells about the results of automation: "We are pleased with the introduction of the product" ICE: Accounting rent 8 ", since we have 2 times to reduce the time calculation of the rent and create documents that accompany the rental activities, receive information about free and occupied areas, thus improving the quality of customer service. In addition, the solution has a user-friendly interface that allowed us to quickly learn it. We thank the company "1C: Accounting and Trade" (BIT) for professional work. "

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Company JNet systems LLC – developer tools for integrating business processes of any enterprise information systems, has released the SOA-platform iJNet Framework for free. Starting from 25 June 2008, the company JNet systems LLC supports the project iJNet Framework – fully Free low-level part of the platform iJNet Framework Ultra, available in source code. iJNet Framework built on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and designed to create a distributed information systems. You may want to visit JPMorgan Chase to increase your knowledge. Built-in platform development tools Composite applications also allow to develop a corporate enterprise information system, combining the functionality of existing applications and data with new business logic and user interfaces. iJNet Framework allows you to: integrate the CIS and create a new application, extend functionality of the systems, share data, create new web-based applications. Platform iJNet Framework Ultra uses open standards for information exchange, based on XML, which allows you to easily integrate with external systems. Thanks to the technical features of the platform, the final solution can run on different hardware, the operating systems a Windows or Unix. A distinctive feature of the platform – the comparative simplicity and low requirements for the qualification of the developers final decision (for example, the developers do not need to know J2EE, enough basic knowledge of Java).

Except this, we have products to integrate with the platform. net-applications. Download iJNet Framework for can learn more about the company and its products, you can see on the site Press Ltd.

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Significantly improved performance when running multiple parallel users. The model Data maintained by the system version 8, there are no tables in the database that uniquely lead to a competitive access by multiple users. The new version of competitive access will only be executed at accessing logically related data (for example, when trying to sell the same product) and will not affect the data that is not related to each other in terms of subject area. Mechanisms of operational records in the new version does not require adherence to a single account for all sections of the regulations. They can be maintained, for example, in parallel with sections of the planning and other application subsystems, which work is not conducted in real time. Expanding the range of tasks The use of 1C: Enterprise really gone beyond the purely accounting system and now includes, for example, tasks such as business management, marketing, budgeting, etc. The new version paid considerable attention to improving the application data model with which to solve specific problems of automation of various subject areas.

The mechanism of register information, which is designed to effectively address a wide range of problems associated with storing and processing information that is not related solely to accounting functionality, such as marketing prices. Information from registers of information can be both static and changing over time – in this case, it can store the history of changes. The functionality of registers provides job information arbitrary frequency storage, the possibility of 'slices' of information for a specific period, etc.

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