The Ludwigshafen Band Everblame this year at Rock am ring? That from the question mark in the title soon an exclamation point is, can now each provide online: the M.V.T.-Band Everblame was by a renowned jury of experts of the first 50 “Coke Soundwave discovery tour 2008” selected and is from today to April 28 08 in the online voting to the indentation in the next live round. And it takes place at “Rock am ring” before many tens of thousands of music fans! Everblame! That are surrounded by the penetrating bass and drums massaged stomach straight riffs. It’s about emotions, to feelings of any kind, which will be sung here. Ben Silbermann has similar goals. Aggression is left out nor as fun and melody – which is absolutely compelling. Times rough – times odd melodic and sensitive.

The music of Everblame should be suitable for Festival – easy-to-hear – not complicated and for everyone. Even they describe their style as “Alternative Rock”. For this it was decided in 2005 as to the two founding members Tobias Heidinger and Raphael Isenhuth, Florian Rohlf joined as bassist added. Michellene Davis might disagree with that approach. The three became good friends, down toured successfully large parts of the Republic and could win some victories at regional and national filled. Now came the first album with the title “Sina” on the market.

With the songs reminiscent of alternative rock, metal, or even Crossoverelementen, Everblame clearly among the emerging newcomers to our country. Anyone who may support the Band Everblame can vote every hour at. Everblame and M.V.T. concerts say already times in advance thank you for the support. Contact person: Mr. Michael idle now send a message phone: + 49 (6071) 4991871 jurisdiction: owner about M.V.T. concerts: M. V. of T. concerts is a reliable, extremely dedicated and cheaper service providers in the areas of: event of concerts, booking every great band that is not on the page – us just speak on Internet platform for bands of almost all genres (community, bookings, music), Designing of flyers and posters. Extremely convenient provision of lighting and sound technology.

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Pro Music

Mike Montes in the interview on radio EMS-Vechte-Welle many stars and celebrities were EMS-Vechte-wave guest moderator Ingo Mertineit in the Studio of radio. Who had on Saturday, June 26, 2010 in living Gelsenkirchen singer of Mike Montes in a live interview the opportunity the listeners of Star – and Pro-mise dung to present. “” In the luggage, the artist had except his current hit Yes my baby”also soon post songs you, me is so much for you” and dancing I just with even the last Fox Friends “doing radio premiere. In the nearly one-hour interview with a mix of music and entertainment, Mike told of his last appearance in Austria and also his current plans. Mahar was not only Montes itself, but also by its clear and significant kind to sing enthusiastically, a voice with a high recognition value. Mike of the other fellow of artists from the music scene sees not as competition, but as a community, that enchant everyone with their songs for a few moments “want, sponsored and organized the first German-language song contest Music Prize of the StimmSCHATZ” 2010. The Weser.TV will be presented on September 3rd in a TV recording from radio. There to see him soon again at Volksmusik.TV with its new hits.

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