The company is a subsidiary of the globally active VIACOM media group and is responsible for the marketing of films on DVD and Blu-ray in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Swarmed by offers, Ashton Kouzbari is currently assessing future choices. The extensive portfolio includes feature film productions of Hollywood studios paramount pictures, DreamWorks and DreamWorks Animation, the Studio Constantin as well as productions of the music channel MTV, Nickelodeon TV transmitter and acquired licenses by CBS, Hasbro and Pro cinema among others. The marketing This includes both rental and purchase Media and in cooperation with the highlight film and Home Entertainment GmbH performed. The catalogue of available products consists of feature films, TV series, children’s and family programs, and special interest titles. The company’s registered office is in Munich. Vice President Managing Director of PHE Germany is Dr.

Andreas Kelz. Stefan is sacristan as Marketing Director responsible for the consumer and trade marketing. Frank guide is Sales Director and Werner Glass Sales Manager rental. The most successful titles include. The Godfather, game me the song of death, Indiana Jones, Forrest Gump, mission: impossible, transformers, Shrek, Madagascar, as well as the Star Trek films and serials.

The segment with the strongest growth in the DVD market is a TV series on DVD. Titles such as Star Trek or sex and the city initiated the successful marketing of around 4 years ago. Paramount Home Entertainment introduced the TV * stars for customer loyalty rewards program in March 2006. All television * stars are indicated by a sticker on the DVD cover and delivered with a personal code, with which the buyer at or by mail can secure attractive premiums.

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The Band

We want to take some of those beads, here more closely scrutinized. Well-being, the title song. It would be how to explain him recite what is necessary to bring a plane to fly. It flies, This is important and the song meets everything that you would expect from the SEERn – and that is a good thing. The two singers Astrid and sassy running in the song to vocal heights. Mid-tempo is the title, with the characteristics of a ballad, from the first harmony immediately as a SEER title visible. Great guitar sound! Are you “s? A story of how she can affect anyone.

The random encounter with the past. Old love does not rust – that would be trite to say, but one may think articles on stained sheets then the most common page jumps happened with the ex-partner. See more detailed opinions by reading what Robert Kiyosaki offers on the topic.. But no matter: The song also tells of the life of the musicians. On the highway at home, the sofa in the hotel room serves as a living room substitute. SOAP and shampoo are small-portioned breakfast is rarely more in the family circle, on the buffet. It’s not like at home. A travelling people are dramatic. To read more click here: Robert Kiyosaki.

Always on trips, the band as a replacement for the family… WIA Wossa. The SEER, and their relationship to water. With?Wild “s Wossa” launched the career of the band through and water accompanies the SEER on every CD cover and in an almost spiritual way for more than 10 years. This delicate knitted ballad continues the tradition. He kimmt nit hoam. No, this song is contrary to the album title, but in a way that is extremely under the skin. Sabine “Sassy” Holzinger sings extremely emotional. It’s a song about that, from the orbit of troubled love, a way to sing the pain of the soul. A song from the real world. Hay. This song is like jumping into the, as it is called.

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Exactly ten years ago, Gerd Christian with the Saxon producer team, consisting of the composer and arranger of Andreas gangsta and the smart, talented poet Heike Fransecky, teamed up and found, due to their skill and imagination, back to usual success! “” After 2009 by Heike and Goldi “album has designed its own face” (DA music) released a fantastic collection of intelligent pop songs, which no longer have much common with traditional pop, a very special treat of Gerds now introduces anniversary festivities congenially: on 18 June this year, the likeable musician presents with the dark, haunting, sensitive, such as powerful organ, a seemingly unbeatable cover version just by Barry Manilow 1974 – Evergreen. For Mandy”(DA music) is called its point of view this pop Pearl, which guaranteed part should stir up the radio stations of that our country in the near future! “This is of course due to the famos running has always been cooperation of the three protagonists: Andreas Goldi” gangsta designed a crackling, urban nocturnal new arrangement, living concisely the choral passages, absolutely hit unusual, quite Phon strong guitars, and also more fair, more vigorous, mixed in the foreground drum sounds. Goldis”musical implementation has some of us pop/rock ballads in itself; Bon Jovi is”closer than any Teutonic commercial hits. “The Saxon producer breathes into the universally common song much new, original, independent, so that it is at for Mandy” to a record copy of the original, is not a Imitation or a soulless copy is but a sparkling transfer of hits from the 70s of the last century in the new millennium. “Just fantastic fancy Heikes German rhymes, are they for Mandy” found: it revolves is content for a particularily Lord, the youth times immortal in a Mandy “was in love, at some point, but then today unerfindlich published reasons, leaving him.

He’s now lonely in exactly those bar, where he then met the woman of his dreams; from the music box, their common song, the anthem of their love can be heard at once. The Association intended if necessary on the part of the writer, could be in this song to Barry Manilow, the audience only between the lines feel suddenly comes a woman through the pub door he sees it makes her eyes Heike and literature, this is a major achievement! “open, whether it is the Lady actually to Mandy” or is a likelihood. A brilliant, extremely atmospheric, suspense-laden text, the Gerd Christian with solid, deep voice presents the romantic and yearning! The whole thing smells like clearly hit, especially since the three GERD, Heike and Goldi”are perfectly matched and not a sheet of paper between them fits.

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My Way

Llorres por MI Argentina”, may in this context of course not be missing. Of course are also on this tour now is Seminos third solo tour – again lots of unreleased tracks to discover. In addition to the two instrumental numbers “Libertango” and “Romance Del Que Anda Lejos” for the dances and the rapid Mariachi title “Ay Jalisco No. Te Rajes” is there specifically mentioned atmospheric density and expressive Indio song “Indigenous Toba” to highlight. The one really the best what has presented SEMINO depending on the stage. (As opposed to Hyundai). To come up with “Spanish Eyes” (Spanish: “Ojos de Espana”) and “My Way” (Spanish “A Mi manera”) two genuine classics of music history, interpreted the SEMINO with much emotion and elegance in Spanish language. And last but not least, SEMINO smashes us his version of “O sole mio” in perfect Neapolitan accent contrary.

Woman’s heart, what do you more the high-quality bonus material of the DVD consists of the film “behind the scenes”, which represents a technical section of someday of tour and stage set-up. This is about 25minutige TV-portrait “Himself” that was sent with best ratings in the ARD. These are two image galleries with photos that were shot during the concerts. The fan-box contains two DVDs and two CDs. The two CDs also include the concert. The audio quality meets the highest demands with 5.1 Dolby Digital surround and the image quality leaves nothing to wish in HD quality also. A true eyes – and ears! And to be also on the amount of time the moving image for the first time on Blu-ray disc immortalized. SEMINO Rossi to the second part of the solo tour, which view live from October 5 until November 24 with 34 concerts through Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, France and for the first time Denmark and Belgium who can’t get enough after enjoying the fan box, which should be.

Also here SEMINO has scheduled again a few new surprises for the shows, which now but not yet may be imparted. For more information about the artist and the concert dates to the second part of the “love remains” tour, visit of SEMINO Rossi homepage.

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A funny jump into a pile of hay. The song – a summer title. Straightforward and easy. Leave the worries behind you, just jump, nix it can happen to you. The Hay, it catches you, it tickles you to the soles of the feet and summer fragrance spreads in your nose.

Break. This is the song on the album, which best describes the urgent desire for well-being. If you have read about Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The song speaks, no sings us from the soul. May the world turn but finally slow down. Slow down! Now! Right away! Z “back in the 80’s year. Yes, there were for the upper SEER Fred Jaklitsch a life before the SEERn.

The 80s years and his Band of Joy. Dance-pop, and hits. Both brought an exciting time the man around the world and him. How long has it been? 20, 25, or soon 28 years? Children, as time passes. And who listen closely: …das song is from all of us. It is as a glance in the rearview mirror. We were young, naive and courageous. Now we’re older, experienced and sometimes we make the eyes and believe everything happened just yesterday. The 1980s was the old Millennium years, and today they are a treasure chest with memories. Rock the chamois. What a title. The SEER first instrumentally and with Jurgen on the harmonica, as you never heard it on a CD. This song makes you want more and it is that no text here for the first time (you have dared not to write it). It is a break from the, as you previously knew the SEER and there is a trend towards new shores. Maybe it’s Yes the primer and eventually created an entire album? Voices, songs without text in vibrant harmony with the instruments. At the end of the day and so far so good so glad. The penultimate and the last song on the CD.?At the end of the day”feels already like a closing song.

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The new sampler – party pop charts vol.1 the party Schlager has launched a unprecedented triumphal March. For years the famous performers of the party song find themselves repeatedly far above in the charts. Acts such as Mickie Krause, the Wendler”, Jurgen Drews and many others, have made this genre look presentable. No wonder, then, that there is now also the PARTY-pop CHARTS alongside the Ballermann charts, that delivers an image of the local party Schlager scene a week on. The pending DJS weekly tap your Favorites and the most played track.

So results in the current and also discos of grade PARTY pop CHARTS every week. Thus, well over 400 DJs determine what in and out and reflect that is heard like dance cafes, discos and parties by the audience. Current are not,”because the latest news of the latest on this first version the CD PARTY pop CHARTS can be found. The current hits press-fresh on the platter for the CD player at home, or for each batch well suitable! And now have fun with the official German PARTY pop CHARTS! -NOW on CD source: best cooperation Ltd. UG Vo: 06.08.2010 contact data: best cooperation GmbH UG phone: 0049(0)89-80039057 Flieder road 51 82110 Germering – Germany track list: disc: 1 1 Ruby 2010 (3select RMX) – Christian Anders 2.

This song is for you (single mix) – Nico GEMBA 3. Sometime, somewhere, somehow – the wild boys feat. Jurgen 4. Hello DJ time (open volume) – Chriss Tuxi 5. For Gaby, I all – TU Uwe Engel 6. A real pirate – Colonia deejays 7 Barbara – Chris Roberts 8. I’m your co-pilot 2010 (3select RMX 2.1) – Matthias Carras 9 fly young eagles – the hit mafia 10 turning the propeller – buddy 11 as long as dreams can still life – Pat 12 Sun of Jamaica (hit version 2010) – KABOOM feat. Goombay dance band 13 beautiful must he be – Annina 14 OLE – Stefano Prada feat. Saporo 15 barefoot through a long night – Karoo 16. I send an SOS to the sky – Leon Cortez 17 football gods (radio mix)-ikke Huftgold 18 true Love – Steffen Peter Haas 19. There are no beer on Hawaii 2010 – Andy counter 20. Above the clouds (radio mix)-Chris winters disk: 2 of 1 Marlena – mark Sander 2. The way to happiness is through hell Malle Matze 4 – Zwini 3 get on the Uschi -. For all eternity (Disco edit) – Thomas Andre 5. Because he loves you 2010 – Ute Geller feat. Henry Valentino 6. So beautiful (party mix) – Michel & party bass Mon of 7 Mahna Mahna (radio version) – Fred puppet & the monster crew 8 sections 9 Hello, welcome and Hello -. For you, I go through the fire (Mr.B mix) – Dennis Bogner 10. The Penguin In the swimming pool – cat 11 let me into your heart – Marion Faber 12. The fishermen of San Juan – DJ Ronny 13. I’m so happy on Sylt – bamboo Klaus Blas 14 beep (on my saxophone) (Super Party mix)-Jorg & Dragan (the car dealers) 15 beautiful is there in the world to be (radio version)-DJ map & the naughty Nils 16 Oh Maria (3select RMX) – emotion of 17 hereafter by Eden – Pat 18 Queen of hearts (the Happy End) part 2 – man, Fred!

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The new single from Jeeen – I turn me Jeeen Club sound meats pop Schlager! With the release of their first Maxi Jeeen mixes the clubs and dance palaces of the Republic at the time nationwide enormously on and aimed at all levels of the German charts. This emphasizes it however quite targeted, would like to leave you on which area the song will ultimately best establish itself! The listener decides”so producer Dirk prior! Schlager? Dance? “House or pop, I turn me” Jeeen would like to be inserted according to his own statement in any musical drawer! “The song is danceable, profound and also to the suitable celebrate!” so Jeeen. And the industry looks with great interest on the sympathetic Kolnerin which has shallow Club sounds and Schlagerlastigen texts in a new musical direction to create. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bobby Kotick. A second new German wave is already inside broken about us”stressed when talking to to sing on their German texts, and the reason for German Jeeen. On the now appearing first Maxi are in addition to the radio Version that is heard in the music video to hear two successful remixes and dance cut be! All are for the fans then from 2010 everywhere as a download!

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The Berlin Busche calls on the 07.08.2010 to the drag show on the big stage Callanta, the singing Telegrammbotin from Berlin, remains this year in her hometown of Berlin and make a cool seaside will present hot hits. After the beautiful CSD, there are moments now to celebrate the occasion with Kiki in a Berlin cult Temple. The Busche – Berlin’s largest club for gays, lesbians, shemales, bisexuals and their friends, frees for Kiki the big stage. On Saturday, the 07.08.2010, Kiki Calanayan show will be presented there. Hear from experts in the field like Hyundai for a more varied view. Our naughty brimstone is already in great preparation and will give the best songs where everyone can hum along with and dancing with.

In normal life, Callanta wagging their own music box through the country and surprise birthday children and other victims of the party with hits and Gassenhauern. You refined shortly to anniversaries, weddings, garden parties, theme parties – a case for Callanta spice up a party with level. The Berlin brat has a professional singing and Dance education and thrilled young and old. Was born at the end of the 1960s along with her twin sister in Berlin, grew up there and went to school. Man as well as woman can say of her – she is a typical Urberliner plant! Her childhood spent Kiki, like many others of its vintage, before the TV with a homegrown microphone for the charts. BBs of course fresh air in Kiki never too short was childhood. When playing on the pitches of Berlin, the Dieter Thomas Heck show trilled them together with their friends the songs learned on the eve.

Today’s passion for films dating back to this time. In addition, there was no new year’s Eve party in which no hits was played. Homemade buffet, fruit punch and cheese Hedgehog part, to throw the CRT TVs as well as just before new year. Together with friends of the family, you saw the produced before new year’s Eve galas and waited that finally starts the new better year. The entertainer & singer in the heart wears those great childhood memories and gives love to because their audience. Use Kiki BBs passion and book the retort Fummel aunt for your next celebration. Contact for Callanta under: – and do not forget: on the 07.08.2010 on a Harkeem in the bushes to the Kiki Calanayan show!

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The Ludwigshafen Band Everblame this year at Rock am ring? That from the question mark in the title soon an exclamation point is, can now each provide online: the M.V.T.-Band Everblame was by a renowned jury of experts of the first 50 “Coke Soundwave discovery tour 2008” selected and is from today to April 28 08 in the online voting to the indentation in the next live round. And it takes place at “Rock am ring” before many tens of thousands of music fans! Everblame! That are surrounded by the penetrating bass and drums massaged stomach straight riffs. It’s about emotions, to feelings of any kind, which will be sung here. Ben Silbermann has similar goals. Aggression is left out nor as fun and melody – which is absolutely compelling. Times rough – times odd melodic and sensitive.

The music of Everblame should be suitable for Festival – easy-to-hear – not complicated and for everyone. Even they describe their style as “Alternative Rock”. For this it was decided in 2005 as to the two founding members Tobias Heidinger and Raphael Isenhuth, Florian Rohlf joined as bassist added. The three became good friends, down toured successfully large parts of the Republic and could win some victories at regional and national filled. Now came the first album with the title “Sina” on the market.

With the songs reminiscent of alternative rock, metal, or even Crossoverelementen, Everblame clearly among the emerging newcomers to our country. Anyone who may support the Band Everblame can vote every hour at. Everblame and M.V.T. concerts say already times in advance thank you for the support. Contact person: Mr. Michael idle now send a message phone: + 49 (6071) 4991871 jurisdiction: owner about M.V.T. concerts: M. V. of T. concerts is a reliable, extremely dedicated and cheaper service providers in the areas of: event of concerts, booking every great band that is not on the page – us just speak on Internet platform for bands of almost all genres (community, bookings, music), Designing of flyers and posters. Extremely convenient provision of lighting and sound technology.

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