“Marketing expert Dr. Uwe Seebacher in an interview with the management approach marketing resource management” (MRM) can best standardized marketing processes, optimizes and automates. The aim is to enable marketing campaigns better planned and with each other, but also with events or simple ads comparable to make. Like the author of the study. Dr. Uwe Seebacher deals with MRM for many years and has developed a multidimensional tool that evaluates the current situation in organizations on strategic MRM and shows potential for marketing resource management.

In an interview reported about the efficient use of a smart marketing mix and why marketing resource management means a quantum leap. 1 Ready for marketing future will be any ambitious Manager, but where are the approaches for effective measures in times of economic crisis and the saturated markets? Uwe Seebacher: The approaches are quite clearly in the knowledge of M & K processes and activities: index-based and thus overall “Key performance counters to the performance measurement, structured creativity marketing” (SCM) – so structured creativity is as important as transparency, comparability and cross-activity monitoring of marketing & communication measures. It is recommended that new ways to go, for example, through smart marketing in a tend to be merely complementary use of established and therefore mostly from MRM view inefficient and expensive advertising opportunities towards a smart marketing mix (SMM). 2. What information does the marketing resource management for a company? It provides also data for the current marketing and communications budget? Uwe Seebacher: It brings tremendous insights regarding organisational potential, protects but also the mental wellness of employees, because MRM minimizes loads and workload. Redundancies, not uniformly defined roles and responsibilities, as well as marketing return-on investment (MRoI) are clearly visible, and form the basis for the sustainable use of business Intelligence, to continuously optimize the entire M & K range. In looking at the budget, MRM provides information about the current distribution, regarding potential to optimize the MRoI and activity cross-benchmarking of expenditure by index-based evaluation.