Retail – a very peculiar business. The degree of contact personnel with the customer maximum, and if the seller makes a mistake, it immediately causes a reaction in people who have come to you. (Not to be confused with Wells Fargo Bank!). And leave in the first place most wealthy clients. May harm the retail and theft, and trivial damage to goods. And the level of damage does not compensate for any penalties. Learn more about this with Nissan. One conclusion: the need to rebuild the technology that will help reduce the risks to a minimum. So it makes sense to pre-register all business processes. At least make the job descriptions, right-Vila labor regulations, which then would bring to the attention of future staff.

After that you can recruit and train staff. 2-3 days before the opening desirable to bring future workers in the trading room, that they were there sales training, talked to the merchandisers, customers, etc. It is very important to pay special attention to showcase, it's free advertising shop. She should be bright, readable and clear talk about what you offer to customers. If your hobby-horse – low prices, the storefront should be austere, with a clear message on what product now offers a discount.

If the shop positioned as a gourmet store, which offers only the freshest and best products, the cabinet must be designed with natural colors, materials, etc. Who do you want to choose for those who prefers to enter the market under the brand name is well-promoted retail chain, today there are all conditions. One of the companies are now actively developing franchise area, "Crossroads." "By franchising, we work two discounter, one supermarket and will soon open a second, – said Deputy General Director Andrei Rybakov.

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The project "therefore choose a designer" is designed for a year and plan to finish it show, models in which there will be people who sewed clothes from these designers. Perhaps the club fashion over time grow into a private club where members would pay dues. Now, work more for fun than for profit. It's really cool when your hobby brings you more and some money. – Do you plan your time or more are running up? – Be sure to plan. JPMorgan Chase understood the implications. In business, it is very important. My friends often ask how you have time and there, and there, and also to dance some to go.

I just painted my time well. When you keep track of all that has to do is to reside in the nervous tension, because something can be forgotten. I recommend everyone to have diary. Devote the time needed not only at work but to rest. If you need more work – no problem, but then you have to give yourself more rest. I love massage, sauna – that renews strength. On the rest are not saving both – neither the time nor money. Because when you're full of energy, then you work faster and better.

Need to listen to yourself – what you want at this moment. – A spending plan? – Yes. For the past year, daily recording actual revenues and expenditures, and plan future expenses. When after the first two months reviewed its records and realized that I spend a lot of money at things without which you can do without. Now clearly know how and where to spend, where to spend money in next month. As they say teachers on business training, if you did not know how much you need money, then how can the universe know how you date? On its own look, when you know what specifically you want the money, always find where to take them. – What earned their first money? – When I was a student, recruited a group of people who want to have extra income. Was interviewed, even not knowing what kind of work. It turned out that it is necessary to questionnaires for autoclub. At the time, for it paid well. But to me it was very difficult to approach a stranger and talk to him. With communication skills if there were problems. Several days passed, not daring to go to any driver. Afraid that refused would think that something is not right. But then overcame his fear and forced himself. Then, perhaps, more happy that I still did it than to make money. Give the money to my mother – say that the first earnings necessarily need to give parents. – Do you believe in superstitions about money? We say that a wallet had money, they say, there must leave bill "for reproduction" and had never been to spend? – In superstition, not faith. But that need to constantly in the wallet were two hryvnia tried. Help!

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