Presented in the eponymous book called who is who of the industry deadline don’t miss the “TOP LIST of telematics” is! Hamburg, 26.02.2013. The 2nd Edition of the high-quality book “TOP LIST of telematics”, where again many TOP providers with their solutions and innovations in the areas of the vehicle as the HUMAN telematics together with companies from the sector will present themselves will appear in few weeks. At the end of the week is the deadline. This high-quality printed product is reissued by the trade journal telematics at two year intervals. In this book, the Publisher bundles the achievers of the telematics industry with the aim to provide a comprehensive orientation in the market users and interested parties. Readers learn and which companies offer the best telematics solutions. Readers also find stunning statistics, opinions, independent reports of users who have tested some telematics solutions in practice.

There are also trends, pioneering innovations and interesting Visions show. For the presentation of the telematics solutions the solemn ceremony events of the Telematics Awards of the last two years offered representative with the victorious telematics vendors and solutions. For more information about the first edition here. The TELEMATIK award gained importance, to be the leading and most coveted award of the telematics industry in German-speaking countries. In personal greetings Economic Ministers underline Jorg Bode, patron of the Telematics Awards 2010 and 2012, at the time of the ceremony and Deputy Minister-President of Lower Saxony (October 2009 to February 2013), German politician and member of the lower Saxon Landtag today. Dr. Get all the facts and insights with Michellene Davis, another great source of information. Kay Lindemann, Managing Director of the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie is our partner Association for the range of vehicle telematics). Sven Morlok, Saxon State Minister for economy, labour and transport and Deputy Prime Minister (patron of the TELEMATIK award 2011 in HUMAN telematics). More greetings and Follow assessments by reputable partners, experts and supporters. This book, use the telematics industry and their environment which as a “who of who of telematics” is designed for your company and product presentation. Book format: DIN A4 (B 210 x H 297 mm) Edition: 3000 PCs – buying copies deadline: 01.03.2012 placements are available in the categories of vehicle telematics and HUMAN telematics.

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