From sporty to elegant fragrance types perfumes are a suitable gift for almost any occasion, but faced with a large perfume shops and online stores the decision is not easy sometimes customers. To read more click here: Pinterest. The online store gives tips on what fragrances to what type of fit. Many fragrance creations are available in the trade. For example, an Eau de Toilette or an Eau de Parfum is suitable as a gift for friends and relatives. A pleasure can be recycled also men with an aftershave. The challenge however is to find a matching scent. It may be helpful to keep the character of the person that you want to personalize, finally a fragrance to highlight the personality and individual style.

So prefer women who dress feminine and playful accessories carry, often sweet and romantic fragrance with sandalwood and musk. The clothing is mainly classic and elegant, it is advisable to rely on rather inconspicuous and may be slightly tart scents. Fit for sporty types for example, fresh and fruity aromas. Another criterion is the design of the bottles, which represents the scent for many. So a perfume with an original bottle may be the right choice for extravagant people.

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“Waves vision developed new spa line with 23 carat gold only for top hotels gold is not only a marketing promise, but has a number of useful effects for the skin”, explains Sabrina van Bonn. The experienced expert is co-founder of waves vision and has previously worked in an international cosmetics company. The gold line of waves vision characterized by sustainable well-being and ensures a radiant complexion. Let gild himself”, prompting Mrs van Bonn which is addressed not only to millionaires. Wave vision stands for quality and innovation in cosmetic products and treatments.

So far, the our designed signature products with regional ingredients. “Similar to on Star chefs, our clients get their spa menu created with essences of native plants and spices, the features of the region under – delete”, explains Waldemar Steinmetz, co-founder of well-vision. Goal is to give the clients a special USP unique concepts. The Wave vision products used in the spa or in the guest rooms. Also marketing materials and individual training courses for the spa staff available are the hotel customers and sales partners in addition to a comprehensive consulting. Wave vision fine Spa & fragrance products was 2007 by Sabrina van Bonn and Waldemar Steinmetz in Berlin founded.

The company developed and designed high-quality lines of cosmetics and Spa product concepts for first class and luxury hotels. Cooperation partners are well-known manufacturers in the cosmetics industry. Wave vision is member in the German Wellness Association. More information: for inquiries: waves vision fine Spa & fragrance products Sabrina van Bonn / Waldemar Steinmetz Zionskirchstr. 56, 10119 Berlin phone + 49 (30) 44 32 41 98 eMail: svb of press service: Carsten Hennig Tel. (0160) 95837756 eMail ch tags: beauty, Spa, wellness, treatment, gold, hotel, resort

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