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I do not know how anyone, but I do confusing up 'in reverse', as the color of this indicator is red: (. On weekends, taxi crowded that we had on May 1 train to gardening, so you better find a parking space and a bit of a taxi stand in the queue than rushing along the sidewalk in hopes of good luck. Get more background information with materials from Robert Kiyosaki. You can be absolutely sure that taxis are not shortchanged, even before the latest delivery will fynechki! All taxi drivers have their license, attached to a machine in a conspicuous place so that those who has a phenomenal ability to identify the Chinese driver on his own photos (oh-oh-oh, is it really you, Mr. Wang?) could be assured. Quietly, Hippolytus, quietly … When planting a driver MUST include the meter, the readings of which is duplicated on the cash register tape, come from a small printer with printing already.

Red, among others. No counter nobody works, they are afraid of losing the license, and the client can use a check for financial reporting, btw. They are afraid also because each car has a telephone 'hot line'. You are not happy? Call us now! Just say please in Chinese. Do you think the Chinese do not have their drivers tricks? Yeah, yeah.

Imagine, for example, to the point of arrival meters 400-500, you certainly can not guess about it, not knowing or Beijing, for example, Guangzhou, like a book:). The driver, instead of taking the right, taxis to the left, into the tube to show the place where you would have to leave, but you can not go: to the right mesilovo of cars, buses and bicycles! You can certainly try to call the hotline, for example. Associated wind! A driver in the meantime, until the counter is ticking in your unwanted traffic, blocks away from sin all the doors. And he himself something of a grid sits:). I do not know, I do not know, maybe it is, of course, concern for the safety of passengers, but it seems to me that something is wrong here, though:). In general, there is no reason to worry: you are under the protection of the valiant chief! Another way to move around the city with the wind – trishaw. Red, velvet canopies, worn many … these … Well, you understand why … seats, also red and velvety. In areas of high concentration of tourists, you can see Russian writing on these palaces, bicycles, such as 'cargo'. The feeling of colonial excesses, and more! It is, of course, helluva lot expensive taxi, less than 200 yuan per person is unlikely to find, but feel … In general, you should try. Rickshaw takes on board two passengers, but keep in mind if you – people meaningful, significant other words, you may be asked to go to alone, and your companion will have to go in the second carriage. I think such an incident is possible only for Europeans, as obese, as Abraham's flocks of Chinese in China – with all the richness of choice – the day the fire will not find. Larger companies are on site Lucky STAR (Lucky Star) Reprint rights reserved.

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