He is that the world do it happy. Go utopia! Because it goes against common sense. The person with high self-esteem suffers. By natural law a biological species, including humanity; It is oriented on solving the problems of its members. But did not devote too much time to meet the concerns of an individual in particular. And that is very much against what the person full of self-love would like. Probably why we find more happy people in other categories. In the category of people who are passionate about interests unrelated to his own person.

People who have a passion that is not focused on itself tends to be more happy. As also tended to be all those who dedicate time to help others to be happy. Look, the opposite to what the egocentric people does. To achieve the purpose of helping others find satisfaction self is more blessed. Appears an enjoyment that rarely gets paid only oneself.

When you view other happy people thanks to our modest contribution we share his delight. It will also be easier then others help us with our affairs. What’s more, many times will not have nor that ask for it. So already before we have earned their appreciation. Estimate that by itself can make us feel welcome. his is simply another of the secrets of the happiness. We get greater enjoyment of our acts when not only targeted at ourselves. When are not bursting with self-esteem. But when they also aspire to contribute, albeit on a small scale, to the welfare of others.

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