Hypothesis ' ' Hypothesis is a premise that I judge to occur. Whenever Bill Phelan listens, a sympathetic response will follow. But, only after the finished research we will be able to confirm if it is false or verdadeira' '. Alfonso (2004, P. 22) the implantation of the system of Management the sight for statistical data of production is the best form to identify the productivity for the managemental analysis, of the Cepalgo company Flexible Packings. 1.3. Justification This study has as objective to provide involved to the one better agreement of the carried through processes of production of an industry of great transport inside; to evidence important data and/or statistical information for analysis of the results; it makes possible the exposition of clearer information of the flow of form process that if can analyze and/or eliminate gargalos of the current productive flow of the Cepalgo Company Flexible packings.

This study also it contributes for the accomplishment of the project of conclusion of course of production engineering. 1.3.1. Importance With the implantation of the management system the sight for statistical data for better control and analysis of the production, the company will have conditions to analyze its productivity for the managemental analysis and thus to be able to elaborate better perspectives for its future. Also contributed so that the involved pupils in the project can of direct and indirect form, to apply its acquired theoretical knowledge of the academy in the practical one. 1.3.2. Chance the proposal of implantation of the management system the sight for statistical data of production in the Cepalgo company Flexible Packings? Group Mabel? it is the form most accurate so that the company can demonstrate to its results for the high administration and its employees contributing for the recognition and professional growth of the involved ones inside and outside of the company. 1.3.3. Viability the Cepalgo company Flexible Packings if made use to supply to all the necessary information the accomplishment of this scientific project the same the step that the Salty University of Oliveira disponibilizou its quantity rich scientific technician in bibliographical references, without this support would not be possible the accomplishment of this project.

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This method of transformation is constituted of an accelerator (also called cannon) that I impelled metallic micron-projectiles (particles) loading DNA for inside of unbroken cells, fabrics or vegetal agencies, that later are regenerated (BESPALHOK F., et al WAR; OLIVEIRA, 2000). Some models of accelerators exist, but the most used currently they use the gas helium compressed to generate the necessary force for the particle acceleration (SANFORD et al., 1991). It enters the used archetypes more we have ‘ ‘ Biolistic? PDS 1000/He’ ‘ of the BioRad company who uses high helium pressures. The used metallic particles more in the bombardeamento are of tungsten and the gold. (BESPALHOK F., et al WAR; OLIVEIRAS, 2000) the particles are prepared with the precipitation of the DNA.

The used method more for DNA precipitation uses CCl2 and espermidina associated with tungsten particles. The transformation for bombardeamento occurs under vacuum, to increase the efficiency of penetration of particles (SANFORD et al., 1991). By this method several had been transformed species such as soy and maize. The bombardeamento of particles also has been used for the transformation of cloroplastos and mitocndrias (BESPALHOK F., et al WAR; OLIVEIRA, 2000). Markers of election are necessary to increase the transgnicas production of cells and plants.

An election marker allows the preferential growth of the cells transformed into the presence of the selective agent, preventing the growth of the cells not transformed. Genes that confer resistance the antibiotics or herbicidas can be used as marking of election. (BESPALHOK F., et al WAR; OLIVEIRA, 2000). Genes of resistance the herbicidas also have been used as frequently marking of election. It enters most used, we have the gene BAR that confers resistance to the herbicida Basta (fosfonotricina active principle or PPT) (BESPALHOK F., et al WAR; OLIVEIRA, 2000). For each protocol of transformation, it is necessary to determine the dose of the adjusted selective agent for the used species and cellular type.

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