If possible, the rehab horse should be even all day alone in the stall. Even if it is a peaceful and legal candidate who condones this without to muck up, feel horses as herd animals but safe, and want to relax yourself, if the best (Wallach-)Is the best (mares -) friend in the adjacent box. If possible of course across ever share the neighboring horses throughout the day, so that not even a second, actually healthy horse, then so long downtimes. Very important, especially with sensitive digestive colic horses and those who tend even to stomach ulcers or problems, is a common gift of small feedlots. Adjusted amounts are just as important as proper forage quality.

Mash and dust free Hay are recommended, as easy to digest. Straw should be avoided initially rather, because straw can in turn lead to blockages alone due to the lack of Rehapferdes movement. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Payoneer. If you have not the possibility, several times a day to feed small portions hay (optimally portions of out feed over the were spread day/night 6-8), then you can create for themselves or a close-meshed network of hay. Here there are large networks, which can be hung using special attachment to the pit walls and so has the horse has to nibble something many hours. Consult with regard to the total amount of the Chuck so the best the treating veterinarian or clinic, who best know what is suitable for your horse in the respective situation.

Depending on the course of the healing process and also on the recommendation of the supervising veterinarian the first movement is mostly from the 3rd or 4th week at home again on the agenda. If this is a treadmill available, is ideal because the horse makes a mostly less bullshit as when the hand (rise, hunch, tear yourself away) and on the other a smoother movement over a corresponding period of time, even with increased through upgrades or increased speed at a later date is possible. Of course, the horse it should be left never unattended, but that saying yes definitely. roach. No treadmill available is going for a walk. Here it is recommended to remain the General reassurance within sight of the other horses. Longe or riding is usually after about three months on the program a long way until then! Finally pleased every Rehapferd about the possibility to stand, if possible next to the horse buddies, a bit on the pasture and browse. Of course the OP just on the pasture must be the horse to. The risk that the seam is up would be too great. But at least good candidates can Halter and rope on a small main pasture adjacent piece of willow run and hand some time graze, depending on the temporal possibilities and also accustomed to grass. Furs soul life of the patient is irreplaceable! A personal tip against horse legs running possibly by the many standing: work back on track here in many horses miracles barn boots or Dicke Bandagieren documents. Normally, one should keep a bandage or create spats in the box, as this can weaken the tissues in the leg of the horse and the legs tend to then after more start. Processed the on in the back track infrared textile Welltex material has however circulation features, so that even is possible 24 h daily application and the horse legs also have protection from injury. And when all the good care is then hopefully a speedy return to the herd, which enjoys the day on the green meadow, nothing more in the way! Simone Autenrieth

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