this Business consulting company, through its services, analysis of national reality, the current role of corporate sector, has been conducting research on the behavior management of enterprises. especially SMEs, to the characteristics of the turbulent stage Venezuela is currently facing, in order to determine what should be the characteristics, knowledge, skills, skills that should be the manager to ensure favorable results in the organizations where he works. The result has been published in online magazine articles (environment-impresario to those interested in these issues, discussions into consideration the scope, relevance, impact, advocating for not having a management capable to meet the challenges and generate the changes to ensure successful participation of the company they serve. On this occasion, share the results of an interview to one of its consultants, researcher and teacher Prof. Carlos Mora Vanegas, coordinator graduate program specializing in quality management and productivity, Area Faces graduate of the University of Carabobo, Valencia. Teaching professor of organizational behavior. Editor: Do you consider that companies, especially SMEs, have a management that would respond to the challenges, threats and opportunities to know according to the reality of the national stage? Mora: Absolutely not, of course, there will be some exceptions, but most lack a good manager that brings together some of the following features that are crucial in the present, such as participative leadership, democratic, innovative, creative, strategist, visionary, proactive, knowledge management to date, change agent, able to integrate their teams productively working cohesively, ethical, responsible, safe, to name a few.

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