Successful start of start-up BBs ISEO Online Marketing GmbH – 12 months in the life of an online marketing agency started as a spin-off from an established and top-ten ranked search engine Agency in November 2008, it was a professional agency to develop the aim of integrated online marketing. “After a positive and exciting year draws the team around Managing Director Deinert Schmidt from Lubeck and Hamburg a short resume. An inventory of successful search engine optimization: some milestones in the memory remain looking back on a year full of ups and downs. Frequently Pinterest has said that publicly. The search ended quite quickly after an appropriate Office in Lubeck, but was the most difficult yet. The majority of the customer acquiring customers is very difficult in this market by some black sheep”is biased. We stand for hand work”and this quality has its price. Agencies offering a search engine optimization for example, 49 in the month, disqualify themselves because no one can be expected to These prices to get an adequate online marketing.” Deinert Schmidt reported the development of the industry. Due to the growth of the company succeeded in ISEO 4 months ago set up a branch office in Hamburg, also on the ground to be represented.

At the same time, the company began with the training of media designers, which benefits from the know-how of online marketing when designing Web pages. Also the company placements for students are offered and has diploma of participation certificates and Bacheloranten currently in the team. In addition to the day-to-day business was the construction of the Produktprotfolios for ISEO in the foreground. We recognize our strengths and bundled, so that our customers can benefit from it.” Through the expansion of the portfolio, you could therefore increases the range and covered a larger market. ISEO Online Marketing GmbH since September 2009 served its customers as a Google qualified company”in the field of search engine marketing (SEM). Services in the segment AdWords are now also active after successful qualification” offered. The certification now even better serve customers. Through our many years of work in the area of AdWords – advertising could have the good feeling we now give our customers, companies collaborate with a Google certified.

This also on partner events from Google was possible for us to take part and to take a look behind the scenes to get some questions answered.” Currently, the company consists of a 7-member team of experts, which is actively working on customer projects. Our Gratisanalysen Web pages are increasingly popular, because they show their weaknesses and strengths the website operators and provide us with the possibilities to create an individually tailored offer for our customers.” Further, explains Mr Schmidt. The company places in the Googlergebnissen with the keywords is particularly proud”(keywords): search engine optimization and online marketing. Within a year, ISEO is 20 and partially in the top in the top 10 of the results represented. This is in these terms, in such a short period, a very good performance. Is also a lot in planning for the future, for example, seminars and lectures are held by the more employees.

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