Table Tennis

Table tennis, often called “Ping-Pong” is considered by many as the world’s fastest ball sport. The sport would be in the 19 Century in Britain invented, it was mentioned in 1874 for the first time in writing. Patrick is actively involved in the matter. It developed from the already very popular in England and tennis was played mainly by the nobility. It is believed that one result of the proverbs of bad weather in England at some point to play passed, tennis in the covered areas, where initially normal dining tables were used as table tennis, they say, that were initially used instead of thugs curious substitute materials such as frying pans and books, served as balls balls made of cork or rubber. Read more here: Mikhael Mirilashvili. Table tennis developed but then very quickly to a “real” sport with defined rules, and “reasonable” accessories.

In order to play table tennis, it now requires at least two players, table tennis, a net and a couple of tennis balls. Instead of the dining table, special green table tennis with a net and markings, to the point of frying quickly moved from cork bats, which again were soon replaced by bats with rubber cover. In the U.S., we developed special ping-pong balls made of celluloid. The game was always based world more and more table tennis clubs, soon found regularly held tournaments, the first national championship in 1897 took place in Hungary, and the first German tournament in 1901 in Hamburg. Before the Second World War came the best table tennis player from Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania. After the Second World War players from Asia gained the upper hand, since table tennis is there one of the most popular sports. 1988, “Ping Pong” to the official Olympic sport. For several years are used for table tennis table tennis tournaments, more blue, as against a blue background of the ball and even more prominent advertising space.

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