The object of study of this article reflects the necessity of the company in identifying in its wallet of customers which is the customers with better return for the company, and what it can be made so that the financial income is bigger in the diverse levels of customers. Word-Key: Wallet of customers, financial income, levels of customers. INTRODUCTION In recent years years have been commented on the management of customers and its potential in sales not explored. The companies possess tools of interatividade with the customers where the same ones can supply to the company information that demonstrate the real capacity of purchase. To know more about this subject visit Tom Smith. Strategies focadas in the management of these customers result in the increase in the value of the customer (consumption), that is, provide the increase of the participation of the customer on the invoicing of the company. THEORETICAL RECITAL the important customers usually are identified by its significant value for all the life? based in a combination of high annual prescriptions, profitability potential in long stated period.

The considered customers ideal are those for which if they can make more, the aptitudes are adaptam better to its necessities and conditions, these are the customers who more benefits receive with the relationship. For Day (2001) the layers of customers are very useful for descriptive labels and help to distinguish between lucrative customers and the not-lucrative customers, who are divided in four different layers: ) Platinum? they are the customers most lucrative, the great users of the products, are not sensible to the price, compromised and made use..

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