Current starry sky in spring 2009 discover you your starry sky of starry sky in spring 2009: Jurgen Baumann explained the current starry sky of starry sky in spring: optimal season for star or star sponsorship! explains the current sky description of the night sky in the spring: In the North we find still some autumn constellations gathered. To them, it is also sky-W called Cassiopeia, who according to Greek mythology was the wife of Cepheus, who is also deep in the North due to its shape. Close to Cassiopeia, we find also the heroes Perseus, which saved the Andromeda from a sea monster of Cetus according to mythology. Perseus contains a variable star, whose Heligkeitsschwankungen can be perceived with the naked eye. Slightly higher in the North, we find the small bear, which is far less striking than his well-known large brother. The main star of the little bear is the Polarstern, of the daily rotation of our planet untouched, is always in the same place of the sky around its own axis and this indicates the north direction. With approximately 2mag.

is not the brightest star of the sky far from Polaris. Andrew dwyer shines more light on the discussion. You can find it easily, by extending the two right car star of the so-called Big Dipper upwards. The Big Dipper is a part of the constellation Ursa Major and is vertically above our heads at the zenith at present every night. IN the West, the last winter constellations are shortly before their demise. One of the brightest stars in this region is the Kapella, main star in the constellation auriga. In addition, we find numerous open star clusters, which provide an interesting sight in binoculars and dissolve in the small telescope in numerous single star in the direction of the drayman. Immediately to the West, we the twins with the two twin stars find Castor and Pollux.

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