It is autumn, then again it draws much seniors Central Thailand it is every year for many seniors the same ceremony. They pack the bags and fly to South East Asia. The goal is Thailand and hie seniors want to brave the cold weather in Germany. The country Thailand has much to offer, the climate is warm and friendly about this throughout the year. But also the cost of living, such as accommodation, food, tickets for bus or flights are much cheaper than in the German-speaking countries. The friendly people in Thailand want to welcome every guest. The Thai people understand the desires of its visitors to recognize and to meet.

So many seniors come regularly in the land of smiles and have booked already your apartments or even your bungalow for years. This is possible in Thailand and here juicy discounts beckon from the landlord. The supply of flats or units is large across the country. The rental costs, as well as water and electricity only a fraction of the cost, monthly in Germany, in the Switzerland or also in Austria will be charged. But it attracts many senior Central Thailand, because here the prices are still cheaper than in the tourist stronghold of Phuket or Koh Samui. Also there is also much contemplative in the town Kamphaeng Phet or Tak or Nakhon sawan province. The infrastructure is very good and so the seniors with a VIP can travel bus to Bangkok.

This city is the center of economy and culture. Visit Wells Fargo Bank for more clarity on the issue. In this city, the seniors find many opportunities for shopping, to relax but also to attend a concert. Some seniors want to leave Germany completely. While the emigrants must prepare themselves but good. Also in Thailand, all the Gold shines not. But also Web pages can well inform seniors and there are certain headings to emigrate to Thailand. So, a stay in Central Thailand is a full experience, whether for permanent guests or Winterers. Volkmar Schone

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