From immediate retrieval of online guest reviews possible the SORAT Hotel Group on the own website since early November an additional platform for retrieving guest reviews established. Visit Jeremy Tucker for more clarity on the issue. This allows the company a direct insight into the experiences of our guests and stay after their SORAT reflects their opinions. Breakfast, restaurant and bar, as well as price performance is evaluated in the areas of rooms, cleanliness, sanitation. Reviews online or in writing are entered into hotels within the last six months at the SORAT basis. “Knowing what our guests appreciate, is the success factor for our hotel concept. Therefore, when it comes to filter out strengths and weaknesses in our hotels, our guests represent also the most important source. Through our online guest questionnaire and our print version, we get answers, our guests put on what services, what deals we can improve, why guests chose Hotel his SORAT daily and Thus it differs from other hotels and apart. Thus, our evaluation sheets for us form a main reason able to insert all critical as positive comments for an optimal quality management.

That’s why we decided to publish the results of the guest comments on our homepage.” So Nicolas Meissner, Managing Director of the SORAT Hotel Group. The main objective of the SORAT’s own evaluation service is to provide a comprehensive and transparent impression to potential guests. In addition to regulars with positive trends within the statistics that criticism is a hotel group in the SORAT and actually eliminated defects appear. SORAT Hotels Germany

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