BioProtect GmbH controls continue on Hanover of course for growth, in February 2011. The BioProtect GmbH specializes in innovative security solutions and managed to establish themselves within a short time on the North German market. Customers from different industries use the biometric systems for time recording and access control. Sir Terry Farrell has plenty of information regarding this issue. Founded in January 2009, the company sells biometric access controls, video – and intrusion protection technology. The BioProtect GmbH offers innovative technology to protect of individual and sensitive areas.

In addition the BioProtect GmbH is one of a wide range of time recording systems to its product portfolio. More than 700 customers trust the BioProtect GmbH. Well-known companies such as the Saturn current clients include electro Handelsgesellschaft mbH, the Media Markt TV-HiFi-Elektro GmbH or the subway Vermietungs – und Servicegesellschaft mbH. The success of BioProtect GmbH is attributable to a strong team from many qualified safety advisers. 2011 approached the company with this recipe for success to individual To develop solutions for more security and have a more effective control of security-relevant areas, and to bring to the market. The BioProtect GmbH offers individual security solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as for large companies. The current portfolio includes various solutions for biometric time recording and access control, remote monitoring systems, systems for the Visual monitoring of sensitive areas and facilities, as well as the BioProtect system. Learn more about the company at or by phone at the number 0511/98420-0.

About BioProtect GmbH the BioProtect GmbH is a company founded in January 2009, specializing in innovative security solutions. The BioProtect GmbH participates in the development of products to stay close to the market. So the BioProtect GmbH in any case can offer an appropriate solution in the area of security for the protection of the company and also the staff. Thanks to the systems of BioProtect GmbH any company able to visualize and control unusual and critical events.

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