Screw compressors are now used increasingly for a variety of enterprises. Until recently had been largely reciprocating compressors, but today, despite the obvious advantages of both, leaders Many companies are choosing screw compressors as the most successful version. Why is it so easy screw compressors? First and foremost it should be noted that the decision to replace the reciprocating compressors at the plant on screw compressors leads to a rather costly, since a change of compressor equipment requires more labor and funding. Prices of screw compressors is slightly higher than traditional piston but the cost of installing equipment piston equalize costs as screw compressors do not require a special foundation. Screw compressors can also save on energy costs.

On production the same volume of compressed air from a piston compressor takes much more energy. In addition, screw compressors consume very little oil, while oil consumption with piston compressors quite large. Another plus of such compressors is that it allows you to make the air cleaner. It is also very convenient that the screw compressor does not need a special room (for piston enterprises always created by compressor stations, as they make a lot of noise). Being quite small, screw compressors are conveniently placed in the shops, which requires the air supply. And of course today is highly valued automation in all areas of life. It is also a big plus screw compressors – their mode of operation can be set for a certain period of time, and the compressor will function normally without the need for support. Great disadvantage of reciprocating compressors was that their cooling is with water, for which the enterprises set pipe. Over time, tubes wear out, the gaps lead to leakage, pipe system also needs to support, while the screw compressors require exclusively in air cooling. In general we can say that the replacement of piston compressors for screw compressors is justified today – it's really improves working conditions, to save and to guarantee the successful operation of compressors for a long time.

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