Over 100 years ago appeared in the “General Homeopathic newspaper published an article entitled” An abbreviated homeopathic treatment “of the physician, Dr. Wilhelm Schussler. This created great excitement at that time more than in homeopathic circles working colleagues: he is accused even of the “betrayal of the classical homeopathy.” This was a time when the celebrated homeopathy (especially in the U.S.), major success with very high potencies of funds. While the classical homeopathy left the molecular level, is oriented Schuessler exactly that. For Schuessler, it was clear that the homeopathic principle of healing is related to the chemical reactions of various mineral salts in the body. To pursue this theory further, let burn Schussler including various parts of organs of deceased people, then he analyzed the ash on the mineral content.

He found a relationship between the “balance of minerals and the suffering of the deceased patients. He arrived at the research on the recognition that certain diseases are some of the minerals found in the body are missing or in short supply were available. Schuessler concluded that the addition of this lack of minerals, these diseases cured or the condition of the patients had at least improved. This was the “birth” of the Schussler salts. Schuessler was convinced that the lack of mineral salts are partly responsible for many diseases.

The theory of a possible therapy based on the fact that if the lack of mineral salts re-supplies, the total and disturbed cellular metabolism would have to return to normal. Schuessler, among others, was inspired by Rudolf Virchow (1821 – 1902), who explained in his major work “Cellular Pathology” 1858, that ultimately all suffering is based on a disturbance in the cells. Schuessler was its therapeutic success with Schussler salt so popular that patients from different parts of Germany and some from abroad came to seek treatment. A note for people with lactose intolerance: if you want several tablets of the Schussler salts are taken daily, it is recommended to avoid milchzuckerfreie tablets. Information, contact your pharmacy. Patrick dwyer boston private is often quoted as being for or against this. More information can be found at:

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