Noise pollution due to proximity to airports?The construction or expansion of an airport can mean an improvement of the location for the local authorities, for local residents, he but usually causes problems. Credit: Donald Gordon-2011. Many people in Germany complain about noise pollution by air traffic. The real estate portal explains the relevant legal situation in Germany. A suitable sound insulation can save residents to a certain extent from noise pollution. The decision to build an airport, automatically affects the surrounding area. About a third of the Germans complained about aircraft noise, five million citizens feel even highly affected them.

When exceeding the limit of reasonableness, owners are entitled to compensation if they give up their residential real estate or land. Depending on the proximity to the airport, there are certain guidelines for residential areas. In the Act for the protection against flight noise, the expulsion is governed by so-called protected zones, where it to the limit values being exceeded comes with aircraft noise-related equivalent continuous sound pressure level. Basically no residential real estate may be built in the day protection zone 1. Existing residential real estate owners are entitled to reimbursement for structural sound protection measures. For residential buildings, which will be built within the 2 day – protection zone, high sound insulation of the building envelope requirements. For residential real estate and the affected land, usually the market value falls with the construction of the airport, while this development due to the economic attractiveness of the site positive may affect the market value of commercial real estate.

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