The thought as form of Tedulo reality Lopez Melndez I the world seems a diagnosed patient to who too many hopes are not offered to him. From the world-wide or regional organization of the States to the problem of the water, from social diseases to the problem of the refugees, everywhere the calamities and the misalignments are enlisted. The complaint appellant on the exhaustion of the UN or on the inoperancia of the OAS they are responded with supplies of change that are not materialized. These evil called international organisms, since they are not another thing that intergovernmental, suffers the beats of their members in search of oxygen. However, in this period of transition of old woman forms to still blurred forms, the intergovernmental organisms act as essential as planet is it the one to try to coordinate efforts on this called patient.

During the Summit of the Millenium celebrated in the city of New York, in September of 2000, the 189 Member States of United Nations adopted the Declaration of the Millenium. This document contained a group of goals and key objectives, some of which were redefined more ahead in a projection of work shaped in the Declaration of the Millenium. The eight I put fixed are very known: Eradication of the extreme poverty and the hunger, universal access to the primary education, to promote the equality of sorts, reduction of infantile mortality, to improve the maternal health, to fight the VIH/SIDA and other diseases, to assure the environmental sustainability and to develop global associations. Credit: patrick dwyer merrill lynch-2011. On each of these goals extensive documents of analysis and indicated the necessarily diverse faults of their implementation, as well as measurements have been written up on the obtained advances. Personalities and institutions or NGOs have affected indicating particularitities as the inequality in the distribution of the wealth before lack of her, definitions on exclusion, mentions on the feminisation of the poverty, the military expenses, the access to the education, the infantile work, the right to the health, that is to say, an enrichment of the concepts on Human rights that they extend from the civilian and politician, to economic, social and the cultural thing.

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