The optimal care from the outset Mannheim, Innovex CoPromotionTeam Magellan October 2009 can the Innovex CoPromotionTeam (CPT) Magellan now on nearly five years of market experience, Know-How and competence can look back: since 2005 is the 80-strong sales team of Mannheim service provider Innovex for general physicians, practitioners, and internists with products by up to three different customers in the field. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bill Phelan. During this time was the team in different indications, such as cardiovascular, central nervous system, urology, COPD, Gastroenterology, osteoporosis, pain, diabetes and others on the road and is welcomed at the doctors visit a Magellan employee strikes but two or three birds with one stone. Consistently above industry standard Recallwerte reflect this response from the audience. Also, a one hundred percent customer satisfaction proves the quality of the team. Generally, CoPromotion between pharmaceutical companies is often the drug of choice, if the own capacities for a particular product are not sufficient or the cooperation at a certain point cost savings allows. But often, these partnerships have their problems.

An alternative for some years now available is the occupation of a meeting location within a service CoPromotionTeam. The advantages are obvious: cost efficiency and objectivity. Up to three companies can share the costs for the field and so savings of up to 40 percent compared to an exclusive team. The products are treated exactly according handicap and meeting location. The service provider shall ensure that the discussed products out of competition are. The clear time limit (for example, to promote a seasonal product only a few months) and from the outset calculable costs are further advantages, as offered by the service provider.

An operating successfully in the market for years, solid service CoPromotionTeam such as the Magellan team by Innovex offers further advantages: from the first field day after adoption of a product can directly start the team on. Five experienced regional managers ensure that employees show optimal usage for the achievement of the objectives of the customer in the team and stay always up to date, sales skills as well as the indication of knowledge here. Thus a wide range of knowledge accumulates at such a team, as a competent partner of the physician needs them. Minor fluctuation in the team will make sure that these skills are actually available. Also as regards the General key performance indicators, is commonly measured with which such a sales team, the CPT-Magellan is doing very well: visit average, volume and memory values are all above industry standard. It is a special opportunity for new customers, if, as at the time, the first position in this team to the next January to occupy available and new. Innovex led team is the CPT Magellan the flagship of the German organisation, is evidenced with the year after year, that the representatives of Service provider high quality standards to meet. Sake, the standard customer satisfaction surveys for the team regularly achieve top marks: 100 percent in overall satisfaction, 100% call for the recommendation, 100 percent the probability of the return order.

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