Image Portal Zoonar implemented new tool for automated price direct negotiations Hamburg with a new bundle negotiating tool wants the young Hamburg picture agency Zoonar image buyers attract, who wish to acquire large quantities of image to precisely specified prices. A double-page spread for 300.-euros, a flyer for 200.-euros, a complete calendar for 1000.-euro art buyer, image re actors and designers know the problem with the fixed price defaults by clients or publishing lines. It is often difficult and time consuming not to exceed the limits of the budget. ed all about the problem. Each agency has different rates and calculation models. Zoonar which is easily in the future. The new bundle tool negotiated the customer directly with the photographer. So far this was only for single images, now also flat for a complete selection of image. The customer enters only the desired price for the selection, the rest is automatic.

The new tool allows it to acquire a complete selection of image at the desired price. Should individual Photographers reject the proposed rates, the rest of the pictures can still be purchased at the proposed price. Target price remains so always within easy reach. Easier and faster it’s not! Art buyer, graphic designers and editors who want to take advantage of the new bundle tool can unlock itself by an informal email after the registration at Zoonar.

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