Pierre Levy

Dare I add to the theory of liquid modernity of Zigmunt Bauman which explains the lack of change by the existence of a modernity solid unable to flow – an expression that I can think of latin and define the Venezuelan society of today as a corpus callosum on which a good dose of understanding should be used. Ben Silbermann is actively involved in the matter. The idea of collective intelligence is one of the predominant themes in the nonfiction investigation of our world. From Steven Johnson to Howard Rheingold, from Francis Heylighein to Pierre Levy, from Marvin Minsk until the aforementioned Kerckhove. The idea that encompasses them all is that individual cognitive biases can be carried groupthink to achieve improved intellectual performance. It is what has been called collective intelligence. We could also explain arguing that it can carry human communities toward a more complex order, which, obviously, would lead to another type of behavior on the reality.

Collective intelligence is everywhere, is distributed. It must be valued and coordinated to take us towards the construction of the foundations of a society of knowledge, which implies, input, the mutual enrichment of persons. If the intelligence is distributed, as it really is, amending the concepts of power and elite, and the paradigms of leadership are more broken still, of arrogance, recognize it implies now an expression of humility. Now this distributed intelligence should be subject to an action so that we begin to achieve collective intelligence. Teilhard de Chardin, good definitor of the differentiation of individual person and who envisioned by the way the network with 50 years of anticipation – spoke of noosphere (conjunction of intelligent beings with the environment in which they live) and extended beyond to glimpse what the thinkers of today would call the global brain. Well, the key is, perhaps, in creating numerous and small noosferas. This happens to be seen with less individualism and in an ethical context of otherness.

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