Wave solder optimizer wave solder optimizer is one of which extremely urbanized, precise and easy-to-deal with wave soldering process tool in the modern era. It is the only device that can measure the critical parameters in the wave soldering of course while the surface of the printed circuit board with the wave; The Optimizerfuhrt by the wave machine such as the printed circuit board. Original Board wave sensors on the basis of experience of the Optimizerdie wave just like lead on an Assembly. A temperature sensor on the Board allows daily thermal profiles. A special flux-sharing window gives you the information about whether the River will be applied carefully and evenly. The wave solder easier and more efficient to make the process of wave soldering Optimizermacht with the improved result. At the present time of the Optimizerist the world’s best for measuring the control and optimization of the interaction between Board and wave solder side. The cost of the wave soldering it is clear has the use of wave soldering defects there things easier and well organized, but also in this process also has some disadvantages.

The wave soldering process has risen to serious dangers, the production cost automatically with the integration of this process in the production. Apart from the increase of in production costs, if the wave soldering, and it costs too much for the company. The website SWPC ha covered all the points describe the cost factor in the use of the wave soldering. Dwell time dwell time for all dynamic process you can specify the time for which a dynamic process remains stopped, so happened another process. Wells Fargo might disagree with that approach. Lead-free soldering wave world for PCB mounting works on the implementation of lead-free solder, lead-free electronic components. Thus, the wave soldering process must in a lead-free process. To achieve this goal of lead-free process, important changes are in the process of wave soldering and it is then only more on changing solder alloy with others.

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