Grandson (1992, p.19) affirms that the monopolista capitalism recoloca, in higher platform, the totalizante system of contradictions that confers to the bourgeois order its fundamental traces of exploration, alienation and historical transitoriedade … In the decade of 50, the Brazilian economy registered high monopolstica concentration. The government of Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira massacreed the national empresariado one and instituted a regimen of privileges for American capitalists, example of this was the almost total extinguishing of the Brazilian railroads for the expansion of the automobile industry of Ford in the country. The national bourgeois classroom entered in crisis under pressure of the transnational companies of monopolista capital with interest in Brazil. This crisis was contouring with the military regimen that supported the concentration of the capital, forbade the unionism, suppressed the focos of resistance, aggravated the exploration of the worker and instituted the dictatorship. From then on the State was placed service of the private initiative and had been intensified the assistenciais programs to neutralize the conflicts. Marx (1967, p.171) in its dialtico critical method affirms that, ' ' more? value is the accurate expression of the degree of exploration of the work for the capital or the worker for capitalista' '.

The system appeals to the reserve army, that corresponds by hand of cheap workmanship, the unemployeds, to substitute with lesser wages those that demand its rights. Hand of cheap workmanship means low price in products in the show window. This makes with that the consumer without conscience some, pays for a product finding that it is in the profit, while the supplier of its paid family with the happened force of work of the exploration in the industry, the children pay with the health, the increase of the pollution and the dismounting of our natural resources. At last all are wronged, and what we make to change everything this? We consume.

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