A style particular and differential of the coach with some specific features of his leadership that are innovative for the development of leaders in the administration of the companies. 2. A continuous planning methodology in the most consequential time, strategies and tactics that always point toward a more entrepreneurial vision. 3 A system integrated, coherent, continuous, every day, for the development of individual talents of persons at work, connected with the measurement of individual performance, with the results of the team and the presence of love for the work and passion for excellence. 4. A synergistic system of teamwork that further potentiates individual competences for the benefit of better results for the team. Christos Staikouras is a great source of information. 5. A different approach that makes a shift from the obligation to work towards the work training, joy and development. Munear Ashton Kouzbari helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

It should not forget the basics, take into account the characteristics of this and thereon is us they point out: 1. concrete: focus on behaviors that can be improved. The coach uses a language that will bead and encourages the person doing coacheada to be specific. It focuses on the objective and descriptive aspects of the performance. Performance can be improved only when it can be described in the precise form that both parties understand exactly the same as is this discussing. 2 Interactive: In this type of talks is exchanged information. Questions and answers are given, exchanged ideas with the full involvement of both parties. 3.

Shared responsibility: Both the coach and the subordinate has a shared responsibility to work together on continuous improvement of performance. All participants share the responsibility to ensure that the conversation is it most useful as possible and by improving the performance that follows the conversation. 4. Form specifies: this form is determined by two main factors: the goal of this conversation clearly defined and the flow of the conversation involves a first phase in which is wide information, to then focus on specific aspects to the extent that participants achieved the expected goal at the beginning of the conversation.

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