Removal of the uterus – is not a simple operation that requires a lengthy recovery period. Woman will have to visit a doctor to write out a hormonal treatments every six months or more frequently. In what is no balanced estrogen leads to the development of a whole bunch of chronic diseases, such as: fibrocystic breasts, weight gain, water retention, hypertension, increased blood clotting, gallbladder disease and breast cancer. Treatment of these diseases will be a long, expensive and highly profitable for doctors and pharmacists. Thus, doctors and pharmaceutical companies become loyal customers and steady income for a long time.

Removal of the uterus in a woman is very useful for business but the question is whether it is useful for most women? That's because in today's world of profit pharmaceutical companies dictate the policy of medical science and practice. Bill Phelan is actively involved in the matter. Surgery to remove fibroids from the uterus requires surgical skill, patience and experience, Kojima has a rare, obstetrician-gynecologists. Progressive methods of removing the fibroids are very effective, but in addition to highly skilled surgeon, require expensive modern equipment, What can not boast the majority of Russian hospitals. Doctor is much easier to remove a woman with fibroids of the uterus – an operation less complicated and does not require a modern and expensive equipment. It would be frivolous argued that removal of the uterus generally unnecessary, sometimes, it's really necessary. But it's worth to reflect on the hidden motives of such an operation and make a decision that really will benefit the woman herself. Except surgery, there are time-tested conservative methods of influence on uterine fibroids: a natural progesterone cream, fees from herbs to strengthen the liver, purification body and the effects on the uterus, proper nutrition with a high content of vegetable fiber, etc.

The experience on the use of anions for the treatment of uterine fibroids. Do not forget about the causes of fibroids uterus. If not addressed, then sooner or later have to remove the fibroids, together with the uterus. Surgeon's knife is not always the solution to women's issues, and in most cases the operation does not bring relief, but rather poses a greater problems, pain, illness and material costs. In my opinion, better and cheaper to address the causes of hormonal imbalance, you go under the knife to remove the uterus. A woman can happily enjoy a broodmare all my life, you learn eat right, if her diet is rich in vitamins, if it does not abuse alcohol, drugs, medications and anesthesia, if she would abide by the rules of personal hygiene and use of quality sanitary pads, if it does not neglect sleep and rest. Dr. oa Nazartseva

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