Mystery shopping – the control of personnel and customer service. Carried out by experts, acting as the general consumer. 1. Assessment of the current level of service – the “zero cut” The first important step in development of the program “Mystery Shopping” – statement of aims and objectives of the project. Determined that it would be assessed, and how it will use the information. Perhaps the purpose of the program will be the evaluation of sales techniques, used by the staff or the staff member service standards. That is the first time conducting research, see “good” behavior and “bad”.

Relatively speaking, shook hands with a client employee, asked whether politely wait literacy identify customer needs, conduct product presentation, the skill of the transaction. 2. Assessment of the actual implementation of the standards of service, working in the company, sales techniques Assessment of Knowledge about the product, warranties, operation, that is, everything connected with the information forwarded to the customers. How well do they represent the competitive advantage of the company, or individual products or services. Score Cache is held 2 times a month, tracking the dynamics of change in service levels. All this is reflected in the questionnaires “mystery shopper”. The evaluation is introduced motivated staff – Award for the positive evaluation and Deduction from wages for non-compliance in the work.

Determination of growth zones of employees to evaluate the merits and mistakes of your employees who need to improve in order to enhance the growth of personal sales. How to direct their efforts and the efforts of staff in the most urgent problems and, more importantly, how quickly and effectively solve them reflected in the records to assess staff evaluation of managers conducted employees M-Group, the practice of selling skills, and prepared for the visit – have information about your company’s competitive position in the market, the product range. Develop and conduct training sessions, to work with identified weaknesses Education from the practice of “ability to successfully sell” – Six steps that must pass each seller to persuade the client: 1. Making contact 2. Rate buyer (single it needs) 3. Prove your worth 4. Provoke desire 5. Overcoming obstacles 6. Conclusion of the transaction formula for successful sales: Trust and respect = Influence = The ability to control client = Greater cooperation with each mutually beneficial opportunities.

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