In today's society, it seems, women can have children, raise them with the help of his partner, and after four months of maternity leave can return to work outside the home and lead a hectic professional and social agenda almost without moving a hair, because after so many years of repression, women we have decided to be "Superwoman" or women who can do everything and they can with everything and everyone … But who are we forgetting here? Babies need their mothers and need a lot. If you would like to know more about patrick oben, then click here. They also need their parents, it is clear, but the emotional bond between a baby and her mother, especially during the first two years of living is so strong and the need of small to be with their mothers so big, we should pause for a moment and think coherently what future are we giving our children. This future is endangered if our children are destined to force a tie with a sitter or day care carers, rather than enjoying the warm embrace of mother that gives you all the protection you need to grow up happy, if we are forced to sleep them alone at a very early age and when they are not prepared to do so, following the guidelines of the odd psychologist who probably has not questioned the humanity and the needs of infants, when in fact prefer the amamantaramos acunaramos and to reconcile the sleep until they were ready to do it alone – if you think about it, this age is below two years, sometimes even three – if they are to be silent and make them wait at the minimum wake-up call that we do because we, the parents are too busy with our work, our social life, our home, our purchases and our various interests … Patrick ta may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

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