You’ve come to ask how was the day on which you were born? If your parents were glad to say seeing you for the first time? Life is an inexplicable mystery. We are born from small seeds. The union of two beings who love each other. It is difficult to know everything that happened at the precise moment in which wears the light for the first time. Difficult it is to remember the events for which you passed during your childhood. Your adolescence, more difficult jmm, without a doubt.

Your adulthood where you are at this very moment, should not be easier than all the other stages together. It is where the changes are more noticeable. We want to live, enjoy, share, be free. Adulthood is not the time to think about unpleasant things of childhood, but, the right time to rectify any mistake of the past. It is the time to decide not to fall into the same mistake. Clear, we must remember the beautiful things of childhood. What filled us with joy and satisfaction. Thinks only one second what would be in your days if you knew what’s going to happen.

You live scared, expectations, fears and uncertainty. It wouldn’t be live. It would be dying every day. Live to the fullest is what you do now. To know more about this subject visit bridgewater associates. Day to day plan your life, accept the changes coming and try to cope with them in the best way. To live is to smile to others regardless of whether you smile back. It is filled with pride to achieve your goals. It is proposing new targets and strive hard to achieve them. Live each day as if it were the last. Spend time with people you love. I know yourself wherever you are. Vive la vida, which is only one. Already received the miracle of birth now enjoy the joy of living! -Ana l. Fontanez – original author and source of the article.

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