Noni was domesticated first by Polynesians and now grows in Tahiti, India, to the West of the India, the Caribbean and South America. Europeans discovered the fruit at the end of the 18th century. Additional information is available at patrick mbali. In fact, Captain James Cook said the native use of noni in his diaries. Traditional applications of the NoniTradicionalmente, noni was widely used as a general tonic for health. In the Marquesas Islands, where commonly held ceremonies of the tattoo, persons who were tattooed drank noni to help in their recovery.

The scientific study of the NoniLos that use noni reported a wide range of health benefits. The ripe fruit of the noni contains substances called anthraquinones. A recent study conducted with the collaboration of Dr. Keller, of NSP, was published in the Magazine Journal of Natural Products. They discovered and isolated a new and powerful Anthraquinone in noni, which apparently has chyme-preventive benefits due to its indirect antioxidant activity.

Also for the first time isolated 11 different compounds known in the noni fruit. Noni also owns properties of support to the joints, characteristic that can be attributed to its asperulosidos called eugenol and scopoletin components. The soothing action of noni makes it a popular supplement of athletes and individuals who seek to promote joint health and flexibility. Increasingly, researchers are doing studies about the effect of the noni in cancer. Japanese researchers have isolated a substance the juice of noni, noni-ppt called polysaccharide. They believe that the antioxidants and healthy characteristics of the noni-ppt makes noni a valuable supplement. Other preliminary studies on noni point to characteristics have their anthraquinones, metabolize and excrete oxidative molecules until they interact with DNA. Kava, the ceremonial treasure of the Pacific of the SurCuando Europeans arrived in the mid-18th century South Pacific, discovered a magical drink which fights fatigue, induces relaxation and produces a general feeling of well-being and euphoria.

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