When selling products, we primarily consider the interests of clients. Design and development, production and manufacture, installation and management, technical maintenance, quality assurance, Sufficient supply of goods and preferential and rapid after-sales service – all of these links, we carefully arrange and confirm the correctness of your vybora.Razumnost services: everything is based on customer providing customers with high produktsiyu.Napravlenie Service: Our goal – fulfilling the promise of quality service. High quality, high performance and comprehensive service performed during the design, construction, management and marketing services produktsii.Obeschanie: achieving customer satisfaction. 1. Service before the sale: If necessary, give advice and suggestions and assistance necessary klientam.1) Selecting the type of equipment. 2) Design and manufacture of products on special trebovaniyu.2.Obsluzhivanie during the sale: Extending range of clients and to achieve respect klientov.1) Tentative method of production. 2) Help clients make resheniya.3.Obsluzhivanie after the sale: office Careful, though subscribers without trevogi.1) Helping clients in the drafting of the first job. 2) Installation and adjustment of equipment.

3) Local training operators. 4) Regular inspection of equipment. 5) Fast and the active elimination of local emergency. 6) Sufficient supply of products. 7) Perfect service. 8) Provide opportunities tehobmena. 9) The deployment of repair of a large object.

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