Despite the economic crisis, many Russians and foreign citizens organize themselves to other people and jobs through the creation of the business. For the realization of entrepreneurial ideas requires a great desire, the initial capital and some luck. For example, register as an individual entrepreneur you are on equal footing with entities / LLC, JSC, PMT etc /, but there are some small pros and cons. Minus FE has no right to employment records and is responsible to all of his possessions. Pros – Individual entrepreneurs can work in a simplified taxation system may have its bank account, do not need a stamp. Individual entrepreneur does not need the Constitution. Reporting shall be once a year.

Creating a company in the form of an LLC or JSC looks much more impressive and attractive to represent their interests over other companies. Filed under: Impact Public Schools. LLC (Limited Liability Company) operates on the basis of the Charter and leads to employment records of their employees, has a seal, an independent balance, bank account number. Company may use various forms of accounting, including work on simplified taxation system. The choice is yours. When registering the company the first question is to choose the name of the future company. Current legislation to determine the name of your company in accordance with your wishes, because at present checking for repeatability and uniqueness of the name is canceled, which is a positive circumstance, so the choice of the name of registered company does unlimited. However, in some cases the use of the word "Russia", "Russian Federation", the word "federal" and formed the basis for their words and phrases without the permission of state authorities and management are not allowed.

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