Maintenance Management Computer Aided Maintenance Management Computer-aided or computer, (also the initials CMMS). Sometimes also named as CMMS, short for computerized maintenance management system. It’s essentially a software tool that helps in managing maintenance services of a company. It’s basically a database that contains information about the company and its peacekeeping operations. This information is for all maintenance tasks are carried out more safely and efficiently. Also used as a management tool for decision making. Platforms aided maintenance management computer can be used by any organization that needs to manage the maintenance of its equipment, assets and properties. Some of the existing solutions are focused on specific markets (vehicle fleet maintenance, health services, etc.). But there are also products that target a general market.The software offers a wide variety of functionalities, depending on the needs of each organization, existing in the market a wide range of prices. It can be both accessible via the Web, while the application is hosted on servers in the company selling the product or provider of IT services accessible via LAN or if the buyer of the product company is hosting it on your own server. Management systems for computer aided maintenance are very close to the Facility management software and in many business areas, are considered interchangeable.

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